Monday, March 15, 2010


If Thursday leaves you able to stand, breathe, and think, you obviously weren't trying. The good news is though that Friday is going to give you plenty of chances to get rid of all that excess energy you have laying around

You have seen this poster before, no doubt. Note the red ink. It's there to tell you that Thursday's show is now at OK Mountain and Friday's show is now as Mass Gallery (916 Springdale). Friday brings us How I Quit Crack, Eternal Tapestry, Corporate Park, George Quartz, Psychic Violence, S U R V I V E, Vulgar Fashion, Sewn Leather, Picture Plane, Tearist, Medio Mutante, and Twisted Wires. Magic aplenty, so come get some

And these two shows don't really have posters, so I'm stealing some text from Todd P's site. You know where Cheer Up Charlie's is by now right? (HINT: 1104 East 6th St @ Medina)
Friday March 19th -NOON- @ MS BEA’S aka CHEER UP CHARLIE’S - Austin TX:: PPM / the SMELL PARTY:: curated by Dean Spunt & Jim Smith:: /
5:10 :: Abe Vigoda
4:45 :: Total Abuse
4:20 :: Pearl Harbor
3:55 :: Gun Outfit
3:30 :: Randy Randall
3pm :: Tearist
2:35 :: Infinite Body
2:10 :: Pocahaunted
1:45 :: Residual Echo’s
1:20 :: Audacity
12:55 :: Devon Williams
12:30 :: Lovvers
12:05 :: Moment Trigger

WOODSIST PARTY:: curated by Jeremy Earl::
11:10 :: Vivian Girls
10:30 :: Nodzzz
9:50 :: Bleeker and the Freaks
8:30 :: the Beets
7:40 :: Woods
7:10 :: Happy Birthday
6:45 :: the Mantles
6:00 :: Sun Araw
An early house show with free Zico water sounds like an excellent chance to rehydrate and catch your breath. Not noted on the poster, but vastly important is that The Fritzl Babies are playing at 2 PM. It's their first live show, but I got to see them practice last night and oh my how good they are. It's cute indie pop that skidded off the beaten track and slipped into a tar pit of greatness. We are enthused!

The shrouded man pictured above is here to tell you that Breathing Problem Productions is bringing Rusted Shut, Drunkdriver, Dry-Rot, Total Abuse, Rene Hell, Slavescene, Neon Blud, Weak Sisters, Cold Girls, Rayon Beach, The Men, Pigeon Religion, and White Dog (Members of Total Abuse and Rayon Beach?) to the Broken Neck. And there will be a keg popped at 8. Anything else you need to know: (right here)

Free high fructose corn syrup water and boozy wheat water at this free show that features Audacity, The Baths, Ratas Del Vaticano (YES!), Davila 666, Soft Pack, Grass Widow, Darker My Love, and Thee Oh Sees

The Temple of Boom resumes at Okay Mountain. Friday brings us Fungi Girls, Turbo Fruits, Lovvers, Winter Gloves, Golden Triangle, and Javelin. Further details (here)

Our pals at Broken Teeth are having themselves a day party. RSVP details and Myspace links (here)

Another tasty (read: limited supply of free beer) dance party for you daylight dancing needs. RSVP and details (here)

$3 entry gets you free beer, bunch of hard hitting DJs, and and escape from sunlight. Details! Details! Get your fresh details (here)

For those of you unfamiliar with Lamar Pedestrian Bridge shows, this could be somewhat of an initiation. Full details and lineup (here). They generally start late, go til late, and get real rowdy. BYOPopo

All that you see on this poster and more can be yours! Assuming you bring the "more," whatever that is. A solid live music option with a bunch of bands you'll probably care alot more about seeing this time next year

So, Andrew WK, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, DD/MM/YYYY, and everyone else on that poster are playing at 21st St. Co-op, the body around which Austin's co-op party culture orbits. I'd shy away from this, but I imagine seeing Andrew WK play 21st St Co-op would be like watching an alien king returning to his home planet. Expect pomp, circumstance, and partying real hard. The dude that is always naked there will probably be there, because he is always there

Undocumented Management is parading around their harem. And that's as far as I'm taking that analogy. Good to know dance parties still happen at night. The (details)

This will still be happening. Follow @carniville if you want to stay updated

This will still be going on, too. Hope you RSVP'd already!

This party is probably going to be pretty fun. Unfortunately, I'm not alone in thinking that. I am actually anti-alone in thinking that. Simply put, this place is gonna be crowded. That AND only the day show is free; the night show is an official showcase, so non-badgers/wristbanders be advised. Details for the brave (here)

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