Thursday, June 10, 2010


comic by Cali

This is a music post. This post's primary purpose is to tell you about music. The secondary purpose of this post is to convince you that Bandcamp is awesome and you should delete your Myspace because News Corp is destroying humanity. Just sayin'. Anyway, on to the aforementioned music

Rattlesnake is quietish folk inspired pop that seems instantly familiar but still hits you with enough inspired and unexpected little touches to make you think, "Oh, this is actually two talented people making well thought out, pretty music," instead of, "Ohhhhh godddddd, thiiiiiis aggggaaaaain, nononono." They also cover Smog! And well! Who does that? Definitely not me ever. Makes me happy. Their live show is only getting better, so if you're in Brooklyn, be sure and check them out. Enough talking, more linking to the free download: Rattlesnake - Make Home EP

Watch Out For Rockets' new EP, entitled Shaman Shit, is a romping chimera of layered guitar and dense vocal harmonies, interspersed with samples, spoken word, and noise. The final product: oh look, it's Indie Rock that's not boring! In fact, it's alot of fun. The EP has actually made me wish it was longer every time I've listened to it. In summary, short, sweet, and good summer listening. Link to free download is (here)

Yeah, I capitalized indie rock. Now I'm not. Why? Clue: it involves the shift key

Have you ever listened to AIDS-3D? You should. They have good ideas. If you've seen me DJ, (I probably owe you an apology) you will understand why I appreciate certain parts of their aesthetic. Oh, and their art has been all over the place. They've been interviewed by much more popular publications than ZinBin. They live in Berlin. Thanks, Google. MP3 picks (here) (here) (here) (here). Whole page of downloads (here)

According to a friend, Las Robertas "have that Brooklyn sound down. Have you seen them play?" No, I haven't seen them play. I'd like to, but they're from Costa Rica. That makes it kind of hard. There's water in the way. And wait, does Brooklyn own every post-punkish genre now? Really? Point being, you should give this band a listen. It's a fresh take on alot of things you probably already like and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Enjoy: (link)


listen while wearing for maximum effect

Friday, June 4, 2010


RIP Brooklyn Yard. ZinBin is extremely troubled to hear that famed independent venue Brooklyn Yard got the boot from their landlord this week. The double edged sword of throwing gigantic, successful events has struck again. Say it ain't so, MeanRed! You can read the full story (here). Thanks for everything. People have also died

RIP Rue McClanahan. So that's what, all of them but Betty White? Luckily the Golden Girls will live forever on DVD, or at least until a solar flare kills all life on Earth and melts everything that's plastic. Close enough

RIP Louise Bourgeois. Thanks for the nightmares

RIP Richard Dunn. That's too bad

RIP Tobias Wong. People who love smoking and wearing mittens owe this man alot.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'd love to give each of these events a cozy little post of their own, but lo there is so much going on this weekend. What are these events, you ask? Well, firstly Bushwick Open Studios is going on all weekend. Secondly, thirdly, fourthly, and ok, I'll just do it like I always do

Start your night off with a little light mental trauma, courtesy of GEA's art and Pendu Gallery. 7-10 pm @442 Lorimer #4. Continuing on. Sorry about the poster, Dad

This arts and crafts skull is here to tell you that Popo, Light Asylum, Sundelles, and Translations are playing at Glasslands (289 Kent) for $10. Doors are at 9. This show should fill up fast, so don't pregame too hard. So very glad Light Asylum is back from conquering the universe

Prince Rama (pictured), HIGHLIFE, Amen Dunes, and W.H.I.T.E are going to play music that someone is probably already working on making up new genre names to describe for the benefit of the stalwart analog format live music listings resource known as Showpaper. Yay, Showpaper! One thing you can't do with a blog: use it clean up the coffee you just spilled all over your floor. Yeah, I'm drinking coffee at night. Don't judge. I have a problem. It's at Monster Island Basement (lodged in the ground underneath 128 River), so you know it's gonna be fun. Show starts at 8 and the cost $8ish

Little Women, Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae, Okie Dokie, and The Dreebs want to put distorted guitars very far into your ears. It's the kind of music that makes people move around and shove each other and stuff. Who does that? Should be good. Details on flyer. BYOB is nice

Late night dance party that is also for the benefit of Showpaper. DJs that are worth dancing to. Details on the flyer. Magic in the air. Blood on the dance floor. Words I am typing


k0M3 J01n 0Ur 900D pHr13nd2 AND 50m3T1M32 8AnD MAT32 Ph0N3 TA9, la 819 V1c, MA1d5, Du7cH 7R347, ANd R1C 0F 1nt3rNAt10naL tAp32 @ pARTy 3Xp0 (929 8R0aDWAY) tH12 5AturDay. 3aR tr3at2 A80uNd. 5TArT2 @ 8 AND MaY83 K05T2 $5 L3wt. k0m3 ch3Ck 0uT PH0N3 ta9'2 n3W 50und AND l1n3up!

And there's another Showpaper benefit at Shea Stadium. BBQ starts at 6. Performances by W.H.I.T.E, Orphans, Human Resources, Say No to Architecture, Darb Modnoc, and Graffiti Monsters will ensue. Ink is expensive, dudes

Have a good weekend, all! Say hi if you see me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Check out the whole set (here). Thanks to Pendu Org and all the amazing bands. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


RIP Gary Coleman

RIP Dennis Hopper, one of the best film bad guys ever

RIP Allie-Oddie Woodson