Monday, November 8, 2010



A few months ago several comrades and I began soliciting you, our friends, and the Internet at large for submissions for an online publication that we tentatively titled "¿?¿?¿?¿?" MAG. The merit and scope of the response we received absolutely blew our minds. There was gold in them there submissions, gold, I tells ye! GOLD. Prospector talk aside, we were and are amazed and gratified by the enthusiasm of everyone who submitted

I (SIMIAN G.) began laying out what was shaping up to be an amazing little cultural artifact, when something terribly shitty happened: my copy of inDesign stopped working and corrupted my main layout file. So now it's with humility and hope I'm compelled to ask for your further collaboration in this effort


Design types, want to build your portfolio/craft work by young artists from across these fair United States into something awesome and cohesive? YOU CAN

Anyone want to hit me with a inDesign license? YOU CAN

Moral support? YOU CAN

Sound good? CONTACT:

Thanks and let's do this!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

_ Quarterly 5/6 Release & Celebration of the NY Art Book Fair

What're you doing this Wednesday? Really. Interesting. I didn't know you were into that kind of thing – my old room mate was, too. He's... blind now. Well, mostly blind. Anyway, you should do this instead

Swill Children & Maddie + Lauren VHS are having an event for your cultural edification at the always lovely Monster Island Basement. A sliding scale donation gets you music from Amen Dunes, MV Carbon, Hunters (playing as the Melvins [!?¡]), and DJ International Tapes; a performance that sounds complex and amazing; and art + publications + art publications. If you need a reminder, you can RSVP (here). A good time for worthy causes. Come on out.