Thursday, July 30, 2009


Before I descend into the video cave for the next few nights, here are some ideas regarding how to occupy your bad selves.

I've never caught L.A.X. live before, but this seems like an excellent (read: cheaper) chance to do just that before they play ACL and somehow start getting yet more "new" media attention. Nobody seems to know how much this will set you back, but knowing Mohawk, I would guess around $10. Get there early for Black Cock (the band), Company of Thieves, and the Team Fab DJs. Still waiting for jokes about Black Cock's name to get old. Yep, still waiting.

I've been hearing really exciting things about this multipurpose space (a box). Full disclosure: by "exciting things," I mean a wall made of functional TVs. And oh yeah, good bands, 3 kegs, and a measly $5 cover. And it is early (9), so you will have plenty of opportunities to go to other happenings later.

Such as this. These nice people want you to come to Beauty Bar to sell you stuff. Entertainment provided by the excessively talented Monster Girl, DJ Blend*e, and Salvo. 7-11.

Art Lies celebrates the release of their new issue with a reception at Creative Research Laboratory (2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd), from 8-10. That's very cool. They will also be screening The Yes Men, which is a very fun and important movie.


THE RETURN OF THE DON TOUR from dro on Vimeo.

DON RIMINI + DETAILS @ FIREHOUSE LOUNGE. This is really a no brainer, y'all. This night is set to be super memorable, um, or maybe non-rememberable is a better way to say it. Tickets you may buy in advance are here.

Good for you guys! Loads of artistic talent and booze once again come to Co-Lab. From the artists:
Three artists return to their birthplace after spending time in their respective northern mega-cities. Back to the Southwest with virgin eyes, they examine ideas related to space, visual perspective, scale, and the real/unreal, all specific to the Texas landscape.
My lovely room mates and I are having a garage sale. Shoot me email internet communications for details. This garage sale themed even is happening as well.
If you have never heard a Furby choir before, jump on it. And a happy birthday to Clare and Christine!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I don't normally go for super brutal movies, but this one is something else entirely. Not to say it isn't super brutal, but it somehow manages to use violence as something besides simple spectacle. "Transcendent" is the word some people will use. I guess I just did, too. I may retract this suggestion later on, but for now: wow,
this movie is like how that guy who was really into quoting "A Clockwork Orange" in high school made that movie seem like it would be, except way less full of crap.


Friday, July 24, 2009


Parts & Labour + Neil Maris are putting on a photo show for your gawking pleasure. + Sweet Leaf Tea and Dripping Springs Vodka concoctions. It's tastier than it sounds, believe me.


This post is dedicated to the media of Irene Cara. As any fans of Fame and Flashdance (anyone? anyone?) will know, Irene has had her fare share of the spotlight, but this post highlights some of her lesser known, non-Moroder produced songs, specifically their amazing music videos. There must have been a sale on sequins, backup dancers, and Canadian public television-esque animation and video effects. Individually, those things are usually huge red flags, but the sincerity in Irene's voice and the the fact that those are all still amazing things to look at makes it all work. Enjoy!

Now a heartfelt ballad sung from somewhere in a world full of silver ribbons:

A really solid fan made video:

And an mp3 for your further listening pleasure:
Irene Cara - Why Me

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Zinenblogen is going to be on a brief hiatus from activity coverage, while I get things together. Don't cry, there will be youtube videos and other things of the sort. That being said, I have contradicted myself by preparing a brief itinerary for your pleasurement.

Soon to become a bi-monthly event, so get your fix! This week features Hot Britches, DJ Ohno, and $1 drinks for those who show up early.

A lil' flier for a very cool show. The boys from SURVIVE will be bringing their own brand of Electro, Synth Pop, Prog, Kraut, Hardstyle, J-Pop, ItaloDisco, Screw Gaze, and Night Genre to HUSH (above VICE). Please remember this show is on a Thursday. Deal.


Drum Machine Circle live footage! Courtesy of The Awthum Empire

Friday, July 17, 2009


What a title that is. I don't know hinds from heads about fashion week, so I'm going to belatedly defer to this lovely blog: amberdemure. I've just noticed that Austin Is Burning has done the same thing. AWTHUM and Peen Scene have yet to give in. By the way, these blogs are great. Now that I'm done shamelessly plugging things, have I got ze post for you. Art abounds, but TONIGHT!

WEE! + der fabulous haus pahties

MEN-R-G DJs (MVSCLZ, DYLZ-PILLZ, GIGGOMACHINE) will be spinning "the finest in cosmic/italo/electro/house/balearic/rave/german trance/laser
crunk/screw-pop/slam/mosh/dutch filter disco/french bathhouse
garage from the 70s, 80s, 90s & beyond" at their very own party at Rusty Spurs. Yes, Rusty Spurs. Don't act so aghast. If you ever went to Black and Tan, you were basically going there anyway. There was undeniably a good bit of crossover going on. The point is good music, so chill yourself out. Plus, as you might have guessed, there will be a space/2012/future themed costume contest.

From 12-3PM, Okay Mountain is hosting a show by Daniel Fabian. Supposedly there is a byo-bbq going on, which is always nice. Artist statement:
These works represent a recurring theme of my thwarted escape to a utopian tropical destination. I frequently attempt to expose the incongruities of reality through a subtle form of humor. Humor is a cognitive mechanism that evolved to relieve stress caused by unexpected outcomes. Its source is a primordial bone located in the elbow.
MASS Gallery is celebrating their staff show with an all day opening. Cool.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


This post is dedicated to the cologne known as MANDOM. As if it's creative "spin top" packaging and unmistakable, reportedly musky scent were not enough, its creators had the good sense to shell out the extra cash a Charles Bronson-driven ad campaign. These are an excellent chance to watch Mr. Bronson do very masculine things free from the typical bonds of narrative, common sense, and any effort at all to avoid blatant homoeroticism. These clips are all really amazing, but 3, 5, and 8 are my favorites. That being said, 2, 4, and 6 are probably the most spectacular. ENJOY MANDOM









Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oly crap! Afrika Bambaataa: speaking. Prince Klassen, DJ Scuba Gooding, and Startynx: DJing. Good luck to Open Labs and Red Bull trying to hold my attention with their new thingamajig, as I will be too excited/already own a laptop.

A live reading by a really interesting author, brought to you by Monofonous Press.

And this will be fun, as per usual + RAM-Z.

Join us at the Lamar pedestrian bridge this Wednesday from 10-? for a DRUM MACHINE CIRCLE. Bring your Akai, Oberheim, Linn, Dr. Groove, E-mu, Alesis, Roland, Korg, Quasimidi, Elektron, Yamaha, Wurlitzer, Dave Smith creation, JoMox, or hell, your old Casiotone with the bongo sound (I'm bringing mine) along with a speaker or amp and let the magic of the Elders of Zion free the rhythm of your soul's inner mind. Er something. Even if you are not a proud drum machine owner, opportunities to gawk and take photos will abound.

This week's special guest is VICIOUS. Very nice!

RSVP is closed. For venue info (ooh, they do weddings) go here. Vast amount of details here.

All the local talent you can handle without breaking something inside yourself.

Most DJ battles end up being something like this:

I get the feeling that this one will be different. For instance, there will be no green wigs. Seriously, this should be grrreat.

Posters like this make me glad I am not colorblind. Sorry for the broad, quick, and dirty update, but there is more of that good stuff to come. There is sew (see that pun I made har har) much going on for Fashion Week. It's a little bit dizzying for one of the uninitiated, like myself, but I will do my best to trawl the waters for free things. Happy birthday, Steve!


Friday, July 10, 2009


I can vouch for Auto Erotique live. This is, how you say, a big deal. No word on what the RSVP will actually do for you, but DO show up early, because this bar is on the small side. That can translate to "intimate" shows and/or mild heat stroke cases, depending on how you play it.

No idea, but Richard Henry will surely be spinning gold.

And then there's this across the street. I bet you thought that was all that's making me sad to be working late tonight, but lo, there is so much more.

From 5-10 there's a clothing, record, and anything you want to bring swap at 2405 A East 9th St. Also featuring a free mojito table from 8-10, art things to do, and the sounds of DJ Hot Britches, Hershey Wilson, Courtesy, Cowabunga Babez, and Wild America!

Rancho Relaxo's final farewell happening features music by Spiked Punch, Literature, WYLDPRTY, Cooper Jefferies aka Noggin, You and Me, and Metal Bunnies (pictured, via TUMMYTOAST). We will miss the Ranch! It supposedly wraps up around midnight. There's also a performance art event at the Blue Cube (505 E 50TH ST) that features the art of Jesus Benavente, Scott Eastwood, Jill Pangallo, Chris Reed, and James Willard Pierce. That is from 9-2 and has the standard art event consumables that make up 90% of a proper Summer diet.

If you are unacquainted with the idiosyncratic, often bedazzled, and eclectic majesty that is Everything In Heaven Is TV, now is your chance to hold it close to the bosom of your brain and let it become your friend. This event also doubles as a Zom Zoms reunion show, making it a perfect chance to impress your friends by casually dropping the term Zolo-esque. Other live musics provided by the ever lovely and inventive No Mas Bodas, the amazing DIANE, and the smooth sounds of SURVIVE. DJ MVSCLZ and DJ Booty Gator, whose old weekly set at Submerged you may remember, will be spinning between sets and afterwards. Secret guests and surprises abound. Oh whatever could they be? The $8 cover charge gets you all that AND a copy of the show's first season. I sound like I'm overly excited because I am.

Happy Birthday to Clara! + after party, hooray!

now glue it good

This reminds me I need to buy new socks.


Thursday, July 9, 2009


Consistent updating eludes me. I'm sure last night was fun, but whattayagonnado. Sometimes life does not cooperate. How do you lead up to a weekend like this one? With RSVP events that throw the gateways of free things wide to you, the people.

This a mighty exciting show here. Beauty Bar is bringing in extra woofage and ampage to ensure this doesn't disappoint your ear balls. Free ice cream abounds. RSVP closes at 8pm, so hurry!

The real news about this one is the Music Gym after after party from 1-3. It's sponsored by Dripping Springs Vodka and Lone Star Beer and supposedly you need a stamp from the show itself (Parish, $8) to get in. Remembering Music Gym parties in the days of yor has me mighty curious, even though the bands are um, yeah, I have no idea - local, they are local and the Chronicle likes them, so good for them

This show looks like most cd release shows, except for the important fact that there is an RSVP only lounge up top. That is where the food, DJ, "drinks" of undetermined pricing, and a photo booth by Trevor Ray Thompson will be. You can RSVP at, but I have no idea if it's still open

And for anybody who needs another option, Class of 1984 and Class of 1999 are showing tonight at Spiderhouse, starting at 9. Here are some posters, because they are nice to look at:


Monday, July 6, 2009


In case you cannot read this tiny squiggly flyer, it's trying to tell you that tonight at Club 1808 (at 12th and Chicon, yes that one), Rancho Relaxo presents Prince Rama of Ayodahi, Silver Pines, Spiked Punch, Silent Land Time Machine, and The Roman Candles. For $5, that is quite the show.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy 4th, everybody!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Follow my blog with bloglovin, please. Or don't! Just an idea. Still figuring out how exactly their site works, but it seems nifty

Anyway, here are some things going on this lovely weekend. Depending on how sick I make myself from BBQ, I will see you there/these places!

Come get beautified and drinkified before the weekend gets going, tonight from 5-8 at Joie De Vie. Featuring the sounds of the one and only Details. Sweet deal. Anyone know if they're good at cutting guy hair? My infamous 70s weatherman hair is making a comeback in a major way. Don't let this happen to you:
A free show at the Mohawk. It seems like the major party fix tonight is in house party form, but I don't feel comfortable posting about those on the big wide public internets. And then there's always the masterful Orion and Richard Henry at Creekside, Prince Klassen at Beauty Bar, or DJ Crown at Barcelona. Options abound

The time for revengetarianism is finally here! Celebrate your independence with veggie dogs from Smart Dogs, vegan ice cream from NadaMoo, and delicious Cheer Up Charlies chocolates. Musical styling by Hollywood Gossip and The Black. Eating contests are truly a 1st world sport worth witnessing. All for $5 at the Tiniest Bar in Texas. An iLoveMikeLitt production. And it has a film trailer


Other milestones of note
And Co-Lab is having a birthday party! From Co-Lab:
Over the last year Co-Lab has presented over 50 unique exhibitions, performances, screenings, and critiques. Many of these artists and bodies of work have gone on to win awards, travel the country, or take on new and greater forms. Join us as we enter our second year of programming - another round of new media projects and collaborative efforts.

5:30-6:30 Outdoor Water Fight [bring your own weapons]
6:30-8:30 Potluck, BBQ, and Yard Games
8:30-11:00 Drunkenness, Fireworks?, and Birthday Spankings
Sounds fun! And a happy birthday to the space traveler and compatriot known as Eli

For the benefit of the public, Church of the Friendly Ghost presents Lady Friends #3. Facebook event page is here, because there's alot of info and I've already had a block quote this post

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I'll get back to you as things develop.