Saturday, September 26, 2009


Going on and off the subway. Turning with the train. The fast transitions between daylight and darkness and muted daylight, filtered by impact glass and smothered by cyan fluorescent.

"Ladies and gentleman, can I have your attention, please," says the flight attendant. The flight attendant asks for change. The request is ignored. A sign on the wall suggests that calling 311 will provide the "change" and "quarters" the flight attendant truly requires can come only as the result of some vague package of social service options. The are no particulars included. "Orange, apple, and left over sandwiches, please. Anything helps. Apples, oranges, leftover sandwiches, or anything you might spare." A sharp jerk concludes the flight. The stop is here. You leave. Voila. There is a new flight attendant the next day or the next. There are also pretty girls on the subway.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, I made it. Not made it made it, but I'm here; I've made it here; looky me, here I am. I'll admit, getting to New York felt a bit like this:

I have adjusted somewhat since. That process will continue.

Finding things to do has kept me busy. Leads that seemed to be prayers, long shots, and wishful thinking are starting to call me back/make their interest known. It's encouraging, but I still need more. I have one possible job on Friday. That possibility is super exciting, but I am impatient with waiting for phone calls.

If the signs declaring that airport x-ray machines somehow do not ruin film are true, I will have pictures soon.

I've also discovered the inadequacies of the term PA. The A is easy, as it almost invariably means assistant. The P is just not enough. Too many words start with P. Are you hiring a photo assistant, personal assistant, production assistant, or pyrotechnic assistant? Some people don't seem to know either. Lines blur. People make mistakes. Hopefully nobody gets set on fire, unless that is what is supposed to be happening.

Monday, September 14, 2009


A long time coming, but still too soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009


And what could possibly go wrong on a day like today? No, wait. No, still nothin. Hm, thinkin. Nope, a total blank. Anyway, here you go.

A great chance for both live music and dance floor action. Features Video installations curated by Domy Books and viewings of various other arts n such. + Neilyo + Annie Ray + ok, really you should go.

That is, unless you're going to Emo's to see Chairlift perform with their super special added member, composer John Maus. That seems like an interesting combo. Partake in the video evidence provided to see what I mean. Not exactly iPod commercial material. Cool though. And yes, my phaser is permanently set to dork.

And from all accounts, this show is pretty darn great. + Prince Klassen. RSVP is closed already, but I'm sure you can pay to get in.





Featuring MenRG DJs:


Every 2nd Saturday


@ Colors @ Rusty Spurs
405 E 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701


Interactive art installations invade Co-lab for one night only. Featuring atmospheric tunes by DJ Bootygator.

With a name like Prepmode, you know it's got to be good.

Local fun abounds.

Local fun abounds elsewhere. And there are house parties. One in particular you should be interested. Message me for info. Go weekend!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oh yes, there is alot to do on this Thursday night. UPDATE: Peter and the Wolf, Sunset, The Eastern Sea, and Silent Diane are all playing from 9-11 tonight at Baby Blue Studios (1522 E 12th)! This is alot of music for a $5 beer donation! + DJing by Dan Gentile in between sets. GOD WHY AM I WORKING LATE WHY WHY WHY

The ever awesome WWLs open up for the Lemurs tonight at Mohawk. You know this will be super magical.

And lo, a "dance party"/hang out session at Primo's. Come fill yourself with $2 Tecate and take in a really nifty variety of musics. SPREADING EVER EASTWARD: WE WILL NOT STOP TIL WE REACH THE OCEAN. EVEN THEN, WE WILL ONLY PAUSE TO BUY BOATS. I digress. This is gonna be fun.

I really messed up about letting you know that you should RSVP for this for cheap tickets, but after all, it's only a $2 difference. You'll survive. If you know who My Cousin Roy is, you know that this show will be amazed/guessing. Primo stuff here.

And yet another show featuring some fun local talent. Cheers!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


DRUM MACHINE CIRCLE tonight at the Lamar pedestrian bridge. Well, unless it rains. Then it will be somewhere else. This is a whole lot of fun and a good excuse to hang out, even if you don't have a drum machine or what have you. In addition to drum machines and amps, bring lasers and mirrors to aid in the construction of a 9,000 pointed laser star. How can you say no? You just can't.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Life is consumed by endless hours spent with well meaning tech support people whose only way to help me is by using arrays of inferior crap and scripted methods that don't work. Someday, my iPhone will actually be able to access the internet. Someday. It still makes phone calls and texts, so I guess it could be worse (KNOCK ON WOOD REAL HARD). Anyway, Tuesday is today. Escapism is in order.

St. David and The Dirty Kids are having their debut show at Mohawk! A three piece that focuses on playing rock as you may not have heard in awhile: with "no indie harmonies n bullshit," as St. David himself so eloquently puts it. I'm excited. You should be too. If next you see me and inquire as to why my face is gone, I shall answer, "Sir, was rocked clean off." Show starts around 10.

"Guests" this week means Details, so you know it's gonna be a good time.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, for those of you who have been keeping track (anybody? anybody?), this is my 100th post. Yay for that! Yay for me sticking with a project that long. Yay for you making me want to keep doin this. Thanks for hanging in there, everyone.

Anyway, if you know me personally, you are probably aware that very imminently I am moving here:
A young white male from Austin, TX moving to New York City, specifically somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens? I don't know what to say. You're going to have to find a way to wrap your head around that. There are reasons for this. Partly, it is because I do not want to grow complacent and/or stagnant, thus becoming resentful and, as some would say, pissing in the pickle jar. Don't get me wrong, I love this pickle jar: that's why I don't want to piss in it. Partly, it is because an adventure sounds so good right now and now is an excellent time for an adventure.

So, what does this mean for you, avid reader? Well firstly, I don't think I can keep covering happenings in a city I don't live in. That's a given. Beyond that, you can expect largely more of the same. Ok, that's not very clear. In other words, this blog will probably become slightly more "personal," but will continue to do most of the things it has done before: social commentary, the posting of amazing things to hear and look at from the real and internet worlds, and hopefully some things I haven't thought of yet. Just not things to do in Austin. For now. In the next few weeks I'll be posting about blogs that I feel are good/far superior substitutes to my events coverage. Gaping hole in your life: filled.

Thanks to everyone that's helped make this blog such a pleasure to write so far. Shine on, you cray cray diamonds.

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is Saturday's post. This post belongs to Saturday. Hands off, Thursday.

My A-grade pre-party pick. Big Medium Gallery (5305 Bolm Rd #12) hosts an opening reception for Here We Are, art by Christa Palazzolo and Brian Halloran. If you want a preview, the artists' sites are here and here. 8-11.

An opening at the MASS Gallery (916 Springdale Road) from 7-11, with large-scale sculpture from Dave Bryant and Nathan Green.

Domy Books is hosting a book signing for Handmade Nation, which is a movie you should watch (see Sunday). Anyway, this is from 7-9 and there is free Live Oak.

Fairly self-explanatory. I do like Auto Body and I do like this poster. Tumblr has turned me into some sort of psych art freak the last few week.

+ SHOW. + Black Panda is headlining at the Scoot Inn tonight. They don't believe in posters, but they are a great band nonetheless.

See above. The Alamo South Lamar is hosting screenings at 1:30pm and 4:10pm w/ a craft bazaar til round about 6. There's an after screening party at Austin Handmade right after that. So many ways to be crafty.

Heart Beats: benefit for a good cause at Mohawk, featuring loads of local acts, who are doubtlessly easier to see than this flier. And and and Black Panda is playing ANOTHER show. This time with the The Apeshits, Monkey Town, Extravaganza, and The Cassingles. All at the sovereign nation of Beerland.


This weekend is like your high school valedictorian that went to Harvard: it has no excuse not to be great. OK, that was weak, but seriously, even if you're chronologically challenged, there are still plenty of house parties and other such things to keep you busy til the wee hours. I will not post them here, because where's the fun in that. If I had to spend all night hunting for disappearing ghost parties when I was your age (ok, I'm only 22, but still), then so do you.

Four flavors of local indie rock for your listening pleasurfication. May I suggest you try the waffle cone. Yay! Eastern Sea is at Emo's! Go team, go!

Here there be free vodka til 11. The only kicker is that only females are allowed to access it. IIf wearing a dress or getting a sex change sounds like too much of an effort, I bet one of your gal pals would be willing to send some of it your way so long as you ask nicely.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Thursday things to do. There is a social ride tonight. If you're like me and your bike is perpetually breaking down, you work until later, or you are just too dang lazy, you DO still have some good options.

Hot Britches, DJ Blake Brandon, and oj_did_it bring their power/fury/good music to the Iron Gate on 6th and Waller. Lily white, have no fear: this former "scary" bar is under new management and brimming with shiny disco balls and pool tables. I hear the patio is really cool, but I haven't seen it myself. Did I mention it's right across the street from Cheer Up Charlie's and just down the street from Shangri La? And it's free? Now I have. Nice dudes, good music, and a chance to explore a new environs are all excellent reasons you should do this!

The HUGE monthly spot goes out in style. I caught Prince William at the Broken Teeth party last week and he is amazing. Fantastic. Good things. No doubt you know Deejay YaYYaY, Dubbel Dutch, and French Toast by now, but there's not any harm in getting reacquainted, is there?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yeah! That's right, Motel Hell is at Terror Tuesday tonight! 10:40! Sponsored by the heroic masters of the universe known as Vulcan Video. 10:40, but if I were you, I'd show up early. This movie, while not actually important, is pretty well known/great. + free sausages. YUMMO! Not that you will really want to eat it while you watch this movie.