Monday, March 14, 2011

AWTHUMFETHT 6666 3/15/11

SXSWi not interactive enough for you? WONDER AT THE POWER OF AWTHUM. 6 years and running strong, this event is one of the last true refuges of the underground at SXSW. Every year is different. Every year is AWTHUM. THIS INFORMATION IS THE SOLUTION:

"~2:00- LEAD PIPE : Anxious avant-sleaze terrorism, virulently hypomanic funeral funk, corporate porno-pagan improvisation.
~2:35- XPPR5-9 : Borecore
~3:10- MISSIONS : Intergalactic nu-satanic domehouse.
~3:45- BOY FRIEND : Rhythm & bitches b strikin’ again
~4:20- COPPERTONE (LA) : Militantly ethereal crimson wave
~4:55- FLORENE (Denton) : Transcendental space-age motorik
~5:30- ZORCH : Swirl of mind-bending atmospheric rising noise sculptors
~6:05- Archibald Adams and His Shimmering War Choir : 
Pre-Peter Pan post-pubescent fairy island afro-art-rockhouse
~6:40- SILENT DIANE : Human Paranoiac Methods/A Constitution of Dis-belief/Pure Moods
~7:15- BLACK GUM : Sun-Baked Coleman Beach Cooler of Drug-Wave 
~7:50- GOD’S GUN : Slagwave (ex-Cry Blood Apache)
~8:25- SL▲GB▲G : maximal synth / tape house 
~9:00 - LITTLE STOLEN MOMENTS: A gang of three rabid tramps dancing to carefully selected tunes for your visceral pleasure
~9:35- JETU : angular french fundamentalist brainy zainy duo
(Patrick Healy & Sam Sayre)
Ryder Ripps (NYC) :
Stephen Fishman :
Amanda Joy :"
Wurhaus 5305 Bolm Rd. #2
The same + more details (here)