Thursday, May 20, 2010


This Saturday and Sunday, NY EYE & EAR FEST III is coming to Brooklyn's Knitting factory. As you can read on the poster, the lineup is absolutely incredible. It's a good cross section of the NY bands I'd be posting about on here if I ever bothered to do music posts regularly. A great balance of vicious and cute. Plus, two days of art and awesome bands for $30 is actually really cheap, considering how much weekend shows usually cost. If you want a preview of what your ears are in for, there are mixes featuring the bands that are playing available for your free downloading pleasure (here) and (here). More music and anything else you could possibly want to know is probably on the event's site. Blank Dogs, Laurel Halo, White Ring, Love Like Deloreans, Xeno & Oaklander, Blondes, Living Days, Omega Jarden, Konnichiwa, and more! I'll be taking pictures, so come say hi! Oh, you don't know what Pendu Org's deal is?


Pendu Org is a precisely tuned multimedia enterprise, rumored to run on adrenaline produced during nightmares, absinthe, and the fur of cats. Unless you live in Rainbow Land, you may have noticed the darker aesthetic is really catching on with the kids. Pendu Org is the smart older brother of that movement. From Tuesday Night Disco, to their amazing online magazine, to their record label, you can always count on Pendu to be a bit dark, startlingly well thought out, and supremely awesome. I had the chance to interview Todd and DJ Harrison earlier this year. You can read that conversation and further explanations of how cool it is what they're doing (here). I am a fan. See you Saturday.

Possible future band names

Monday, May 17, 2010


Thanks for keeping up with ZinBin through this transition period. I've been juggling several projects and a new job, so this dear blog has not been maintained very well lately. Rather than inundate you with half sincere apologies for being busy, I'm going to go ahead and do this:

Hey, if you are interested in contributing to ZINENBLOGEN, please email me at zinenblogen[a-t]

Contributions of any type and scope are welcome - from just wanting to post some of your comics or an essay or whatever to taking on a spot as a regular columnist/contributor. Do it! It'll be fun!

I'm also accepting submissions for a print zine, so shoot those anything you'd like to see in that, too. Let me know if you have any questions

Luke/Simian/all those other names

Sunday, May 16, 2010


RIP Ronnie James Dio. It's like rock music just lost an index finger and a pinkie

RIP Lynn Redgrave

RIP Lena Horne. You were probably too pretty to exist anyway

RIP Frank Frazetta (not pictured)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hi, Phone Tag has finally released the Millions of Colors EP. You can download it here! For free! Even though Phone Tag doesn't sound anything like this anymore, if you're in the mood for some bright shiny electronic pop music, this is definitely the EP for you. Required summer listening for all. Enjoy away!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


People that live in Austin, check this out. Art, musics, and other arts! Be sure and show up early for the Fritzl Babies. Attendance increases chance of enjoyment!

And coming soon on ZinBin:
I explain why I haven't been posting (hint: it's not because I'm dead)
I tell you about musical happenings
I ask you a question?

Stay tuned!