Saturday, August 29, 2009


Welcome to Saturday. Saturday, say "hello."

Party AND Bullshit!? DJ Blake Brandon, you just blew my mind. Come dance to ear candy from some of the best, nicest, and best dressed DJs around; on a bridge. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a bridge show, just know they are awesome. This one will be especially good. Happy birthday, Blake!

ZIN BIN's good pals at the Eastern Sea institute for good music bring said good music to a fancy BBQ joint. Eat a piece of cow for me, guys.

The Pump Project (702 Shady Ln) is hosting
Cantanker's Issue 8 : Anxiety, Exhibition + Catalog Release tonight from 7-10. An anxiety themed release/art party seems almost too appropriate. A+ DO THIS.

All good things... but have no fear, Prepmode will be back with a brand new Saturday weekly in exactly 7 days. Hopefully you can wait that long. If you can't, start a Tumblr. Believe me, it will consume all your free time/make you not notice entire days going by.

The Fifth Gallery presents a vinyl record/DJ themed exhibit. I have not seen any digital captures of the art itself, but if you're looking for something low key to do earlier, this is probably a safe bet for beer and crackers. Enjoy!

And in its continuing drive to become my favorite place ever, Cheer Up Charlies (E 6th and Waller) is hosting
"'Dad Rock' tonight kids from Brooklyn spin classic rock. Film: rosanne, married with children and alf. PBR and coconuts!!" New classic combos await the finding.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Super quick post before work work work.
YES! DO THIS! It is both super cheap ($5 for 21+/$8 for -21) and guaranteed to make you emote. In the very very best way.

Hot Pink Delorean is a long time favorite. You don't need me to tell you that things like this don't come around often enough. This is guaranteed to sell out, so get your tickets (here).

Always a viable option.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In case you haven't heard, after a month of steady "leaks" *cough* press releases *cough* Fun Fun Fun Fest has finally released an official lineup!

Looks like a good ol time! I'm especially happy about the comedy lineup + King Khan + Danzig + Broadcast + Vega/Neon Indian + more Austin bands than you can shake a $5 bottle of water at. I'm obviously just bitter because I probably won't be in town. Mer mer sad me, but that's for another post. I do like the color coding of the stages. It sure beats having to remember whether you're supposed to be going to the Sprint Taco Bell Pepsi Powdermilk Biscuits stage or the AT&T Bank of America Pitchfork Incorporated Church of the Dark Lord's Majestic Revival stage.

An excellent chance to purple up your Tuesday/planet.

And Terror Tuesday is already sold out! Oh no! And it was a movie I really really wanted to see! But fret not, Rounder's Pizza presents Free Film Noir and Cupcake Night, featuring Orson Welles' south of the border masterpiece, Touch of Evil. This really is a great movie, even though - yes - Charlton Heston plays a Mexican. 7-10. It could be way worse, y'all.


Saturday, August 22, 2009


The word of the day is OPTIONS. The number of events is MANY. The adjective I'd use to describe all the possibilities for fun today is WONDERFUL.

Note this starts at 4. Free kegs + grillables + I am not sure what strings they had to pull/trans-dimensional portals they had to open, but there will be centaur rides. I think it's easy to conclude that the fine folks at Misprint are some sort of space witches. Amazing!

And at 7! Right down the street! At Cheer Up Charlie's! Nanobang presents a Micro-Nano(bangbang) party with DJ sounds by DJ MVSCLZ, DJ Dan Gentile, DJ Rusty Lazer; live sounds by Computer Jesus Refrigerator; free frEE FREE Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas & Tequila Lime Avocado Vegan Ice Cream; taro card readings; the usual creative loveliness you expect from a Nanobang event.


Heh, uh yeah, this is tonight. Not yesterday. I never make mistakes. Ever.

Quite the army of assorted local favorites tonight at Mohawk.

Tittsworth. Do you really have to say more?

There's a free show at Sonny's Vintage (2928 Guadalupe St # 104) from 4-7 that features Shells and Some Others. Tripp T-shirts (24th and Nueces) is hosting a back to school edition of Prints for Non-Profit, with Prince Klassen, Zlam Dunk, Dubb Sicks, and free Lone Star beers and Sweet Leaf Teas. 6-9. Also, if you're looking to get some spinning time in this evening, Backspin Records is hosting an open deck session from 6:30-9:30.

I mention this mainly because the $7 you would pay to see bands you probably don't want to see benefits the bats. The bats are good. Do something for the bats. If someone has had the questionable judgment to entrust a child to your care for the day, this is an excellent opportunity to make yourself look really cool. Make up bat facts (they have been taught to sing Elton John). Fill them with inordinate amounts of sugar. Tell them the hippies that populate this event are in cat cave men. A family event, but like I said, bats.


Friday, August 21, 2009


Quick post. If you think tonight has options, Saturday is gonna blow yer mind tanks. Plenty of excellent ways to kick off your weekend here. Now 25% more factually accurate.



Thursday, August 20, 2009


As we all know, music blogs are a dime a dozen. Not to say there aren't some really excellent ones out there. In fact, this post is dedicated to one such blog. I catch myself listening to the songs it provides over and over and reading it when I really should be trying to find free stuff to do, so I figured I should share it. DISCLAIMER: The author of this blog and I have known each other for quite awhile and I have had the joy/pain of playing music with him. He is secretly a nice guy. He will make fun of me for doing this. Without further hoo ha


Hit the ground running with a photo exhibition by some of Austin's best and nicest photographers. In addition to all the pretty pictures, you get DJ musics by Hobo D and DJ Boozwa and band musics by King Dong. Mix in stand up laughings from Albert Im, Bryan Gutmann, and Doug Mellard, and you have good way to start your night. For sure. It's at the Art Authority, which means that the free things that usually accompany an art show will not be free, but it runs slightly later than the average art show, ie til midnight.

A show featuring music by ZinBin's good pals at the Eastern Sea, 3-D visuals, and oh yeah, Fulton Read. I don't talk up the Eastern Sea enough, but the stuff they've put together is really top notch. Talented folks.

A good time for a good cause. Cipher Austin will be accepting donations of blank CDRs, pens, and notebooks, so bring an armload.

This week's guest is So Sweet Record's in house guru, Eli Smith. A+

And DJ BOOTYGATOR and co are taking over Hush Lounge tonight. Cheap drinks, plus, if you get tired of the amazing combos of new and old wonderfulness that BOOTYGATOR throws around like it's no big deal, you can go downstairs and be edified by radio hip hop. It's a full cultural experience.

If, like myself, you're working late tonight, you've still got a golden opportunity to get your dance party/free drinking on. In addition to local heroes Dubbel Dutch and Teenage Wolf, Italian masterminds Blatta and Inesha are there to light up Music Gym 'til 4 in the AM. Tour mix (here). They play another set earlier at Beauty Bar, if you want the full effect. Fun fun fun

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ZEs EXcessives Primos Italo Discos And Discos Films Documentations:


Am I alone in feeling this way?
Fun fun fun from a lineup that is sure to overload whatever organ in your body is responsible for processing indielectro. Hard to beat the $5 cover.

Unless of course you're talking free. This week, "friends" means Teenage Wolf and French Roast, so be sure and get your world purpled up. Happy birthday, James!

This $1 Terror Tuesday, Vulcan Video presents Kingdom of the Spiders. If you are unfamiliar with how spiders work, well there's going to be alot of biting and shrieking. Evolution, too. And William Shatner. You heard me. The only thing standing between spiders and world domination is the unique cadences and plucky individualist charm of Bill Shatner. Sleep soundly, humanity.


Monday, August 17, 2009


If you're finding yourself in need of something air conditioned, low key, cheap, and informative to do this fine Monday night, be sure to check out the Alamo Downtown's 10:30 showing of From Dusty With Love, a chronicle of the bizarre life and times of one of the more intriguing queens of soul, Dusty Springfield, as told through her music. It's early and costs you 1 USD, so even if the music of this extremely talented; bisexual; violently manic depressive; Irish; constantly addicted; devoted cat lady isn't your cup of tea/pint of Alamo Ale, it's not going to ruin your night. Media artifacts follow below


Dusty Springfield - Breakfast in Bed

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tiny fliers are go:
This show is set to be so much fun. Maybe too much fun. This show will probably be illegal by the time you're done reading this. Mohawk prices apply.

This show starts at 6, which is excellent timing for a show at the Parlor. Ya know, normal dinner time and all.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Quick dance party update before I hit the art shows I mentioned last post. And go

Dear reader, I have made this small, as to avoid damaging your precious eyes. Click for larger image/details/to be completely overwhelmed. I do love me some Le Castle Vania. Stylistically speaking, he was way ahead of the curve back in the day, er a year and a half ago, so it's definitely worth seeing what he's up to now. If you've never heard of Lava Hill road, you are not alone, but hard cheese, because that's where it is. Drive safe!

An Austin centric show for your BYOB pleasure. Never been to this place, but maybe tonight's the night.

If you're in the mood for irony, being covered in glitter, and general madness, this is your one stop shop. If you don't know what I mean, photographic evidence abounds behind this link. It's at the Cockpit, which I mention only to say that someday someone should open a lesbian bar next door called the Booby Trap. Get on that ASAP. Have a good night, y'all!

Friday, August 14, 2009


So much done. So. Much. To. Do. Fortunately, that also goes for this weekend. It's been tough wading through everything, but I've gotten together a list that ought to keep you drunker, fatter, and happier than a [begin anecdote here] in a [continue anecdote here] wearing a [complete anecdote here] on St. George's birthday.


Free in-store show at Backspin Records with beer that is also free. DJs PowerTripp, who is 12 years old, and NickNack will be providing the soundtrack to your record shopping and shameless booze hounding experience. Here is where I make a snide remark about a 12 year old DJ and the state of our culture, but I am not, because he is 12 and that is actually very cool. 6:30-9:30, because record dudes need their beauty rest.

Austin Handmade (2009 South First Street) requests your presence for an artist reception for Beverly Satch Mangham. Featuring musical stylings by ZINBIN's pal Hot Britches and free Dripping Springs Vodka drinks. Delicious. 7-9, so put your dancin shoes on early. Photo via Austin Handmade.

Mexic-Arte Museum is showcasing the artwork of 14 "Young Latino Artists" this evening until 9. Cool. This is going on through the weekend.

ZINBIN's good pals over at the Peen Scene want you to not be afraid of girls, specifically girls that DJ. If the awesome special guest weren't enough, it looks like, unless I'm mistaken, the entire Sounds Fit crew will be playing! With those guys being as busy as they are, that really is something we don't see happen often enough anymore.

Now that you have seen the flier for this after party, you officially know as much as I do. What you might not know is that Skeet Skeet is primo. The playing field, as far as this event goes: leveled.

SATURDAY Saw this truck pulling out into traffic this morning. It scared me half to death, but I've forgiven it, because it is the herald of the Austin Ice Cream festival! At Waterloo Park! And it ends just in time for you to go to these art shows: There is a presentation of collaborations by past and present UT Art students at the Creative Research Lab and another group presentation, entitled Polymict, at Okay Mountain. Good times to be had. Art it up, y'all. Also, a very interesting portrait exhibit at BiRDHOUSE. Details elude me. And later

Quintron and Miss Pussycat return to Austin with their amazing live show. No really, these are always alot of fun. Quintron always has a slew of fascinating new gadgets and an odd sort of charisma that is sure to leave an impression. Do this! More to come.


Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm in between houses right now, hence the lack of posts. Sorry, internet. I know you do love your user generated content.

Anyway, my esteemed father, who some of you may know from my July 4th post, has restarted his annual summer tour blog. Tour for what? Well, he's a puppeteer. It is generally pretty interesting and gives a good look into a very strange industry. Life is hard for a puppet these days. ENJOY THE LINK

Thursday, August 6, 2009


An undeniable loss to pop culture. Dear famous humans, please stop dying. At least hold off until November.


Thanks for getting it wrong, Austin Chronicle. Why make up quotes? Why try to be the Sage of All Things and Expert of All Business, when you are a weekly paper and inherently stuck in that world? Why go about things in such a strange, even dishonest way? It all seems unnecessary. At the very least adisclaimer along the lines of "BASED ON A TRUE STORY" would be appropriate for this cover story. All complains aside, and I do have quite a few, congrats on making an compelling piece of fiction