Friday, August 14, 2009


So much done. So. Much. To. Do. Fortunately, that also goes for this weekend. It's been tough wading through everything, but I've gotten together a list that ought to keep you drunker, fatter, and happier than a [begin anecdote here] in a [continue anecdote here] wearing a [complete anecdote here] on St. George's birthday.


Free in-store show at Backspin Records with beer that is also free. DJs PowerTripp, who is 12 years old, and NickNack will be providing the soundtrack to your record shopping and shameless booze hounding experience. Here is where I make a snide remark about a 12 year old DJ and the state of our culture, but I am not, because he is 12 and that is actually very cool. 6:30-9:30, because record dudes need their beauty rest.

Austin Handmade (2009 South First Street) requests your presence for an artist reception for Beverly Satch Mangham. Featuring musical stylings by ZINBIN's pal Hot Britches and free Dripping Springs Vodka drinks. Delicious. 7-9, so put your dancin shoes on early. Photo via Austin Handmade.

Mexic-Arte Museum is showcasing the artwork of 14 "Young Latino Artists" this evening until 9. Cool. This is going on through the weekend.

ZINBIN's good pals over at the Peen Scene want you to not be afraid of girls, specifically girls that DJ. If the awesome special guest weren't enough, it looks like, unless I'm mistaken, the entire Sounds Fit crew will be playing! With those guys being as busy as they are, that really is something we don't see happen often enough anymore.

Now that you have seen the flier for this after party, you officially know as much as I do. What you might not know is that Skeet Skeet is primo. The playing field, as far as this event goes: leveled.

SATURDAY Saw this truck pulling out into traffic this morning. It scared me half to death, but I've forgiven it, because it is the herald of the Austin Ice Cream festival! At Waterloo Park! And it ends just in time for you to go to these art shows: There is a presentation of collaborations by past and present UT Art students at the Creative Research Lab and another group presentation, entitled Polymict, at Okay Mountain. Good times to be had. Art it up, y'all. Also, a very interesting portrait exhibit at BiRDHOUSE. Details elude me. And later

Quintron and Miss Pussycat return to Austin with their amazing live show. No really, these are always alot of fun. Quintron always has a slew of fascinating new gadgets and an odd sort of charisma that is sure to leave an impression. Do this! More to come.


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