Saturday, August 29, 2009


Welcome to Saturday. Saturday, say "hello."

Party AND Bullshit!? DJ Blake Brandon, you just blew my mind. Come dance to ear candy from some of the best, nicest, and best dressed DJs around; on a bridge. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a bridge show, just know they are awesome. This one will be especially good. Happy birthday, Blake!

ZIN BIN's good pals at the Eastern Sea institute for good music bring said good music to a fancy BBQ joint. Eat a piece of cow for me, guys.

The Pump Project (702 Shady Ln) is hosting
Cantanker's Issue 8 : Anxiety, Exhibition + Catalog Release tonight from 7-10. An anxiety themed release/art party seems almost too appropriate. A+ DO THIS.

All good things... but have no fear, Prepmode will be back with a brand new Saturday weekly in exactly 7 days. Hopefully you can wait that long. If you can't, start a Tumblr. Believe me, it will consume all your free time/make you not notice entire days going by.

The Fifth Gallery presents a vinyl record/DJ themed exhibit. I have not seen any digital captures of the art itself, but if you're looking for something low key to do earlier, this is probably a safe bet for beer and crackers. Enjoy!

And in its continuing drive to become my favorite place ever, Cheer Up Charlies (E 6th and Waller) is hosting
"'Dad Rock' tonight kids from Brooklyn spin classic rock. Film: rosanne, married with children and alf. PBR and coconuts!!" New classic combos await the finding.


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