Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In case you haven't heard, after a month of steady "leaks" *cough* press releases *cough* Fun Fun Fun Fest has finally released an official lineup!

Looks like a good ol time! I'm especially happy about the comedy lineup + King Khan + Danzig + Broadcast + Vega/Neon Indian + more Austin bands than you can shake a $5 bottle of water at. I'm obviously just bitter because I probably won't be in town. Mer mer sad me, but that's for another post. I do like the color coding of the stages. It sure beats having to remember whether you're supposed to be going to the Sprint Taco Bell Pepsi Powdermilk Biscuits stage or the AT&T Bank of America Pitchfork Incorporated Church of the Dark Lord's Majestic Revival stage.

An excellent chance to purple up your Tuesday/planet.

And Terror Tuesday is already sold out! Oh no! And it was a movie I really really wanted to see! But fret not, Rounder's Pizza presents Free Film Noir and Cupcake Night, featuring Orson Welles' south of the border masterpiece, Touch of Evil. This really is a great movie, even though - yes - Charlton Heston plays a Mexican. 7-10. It could be way worse, y'all.


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