Friday, December 17, 2010



Been getting alot of requests for yearly top 10 lists: best, albums/EPs, singles, songs, videos, jokes, ways to launder money, meals under $5, etc. So, I've decided to keep it simple and just to a 10 best albums of the year list. One catch though, because I need your help

large hat, pot, or other enclosed container with an opening at the top large enough to fit your hand through
something to write on that can be turned into smaller pieces
something to write with
your personal taste
the power of *・゜゚・*:.。.IMAGINATION.。.:*・゜*・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚ ゜゚・* !!!!!

Take your something to write on and turn it into 10 pieces

Write the names of your ten favorite albums of the year, one on each piece of your something to write on, ranking each according to preference

Place the ten pieces of things to write on that you have now written on inside your container

Shake vigorously. Repeat, if necessary

Remove ten pieces of things to write on that you wrote on from your container. You may need to widen the container's opening, if you did not account for the massive size of your hand

Squeal with joy as you slowly realize your taste is being validated

Revisit in a year and mock for short sightedness


Works like a charm. Enjoy!

What are your fav "best of" lists?

Monday, November 8, 2010



A few months ago several comrades and I began soliciting you, our friends, and the Internet at large for submissions for an online publication that we tentatively titled "¿?¿?¿?¿?" MAG. The merit and scope of the response we received absolutely blew our minds. There was gold in them there submissions, gold, I tells ye! GOLD. Prospector talk aside, we were and are amazed and gratified by the enthusiasm of everyone who submitted

I (SIMIAN G.) began laying out what was shaping up to be an amazing little cultural artifact, when something terribly shitty happened: my copy of inDesign stopped working and corrupted my main layout file. So now it's with humility and hope I'm compelled to ask for your further collaboration in this effort


Design types, want to build your portfolio/craft work by young artists from across these fair United States into something awesome and cohesive? YOU CAN

Anyone want to hit me with a inDesign license? YOU CAN

Moral support? YOU CAN

Sound good? CONTACT:

Thanks and let's do this!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

_ Quarterly 5/6 Release & Celebration of the NY Art Book Fair

What're you doing this Wednesday? Really. Interesting. I didn't know you were into that kind of thing – my old room mate was, too. He's... blind now. Well, mostly blind. Anyway, you should do this instead

Swill Children & Maddie + Lauren VHS are having an event for your cultural edification at the always lovely Monster Island Basement. A sliding scale donation gets you music from Amen Dunes, MV Carbon, Hunters (playing as the Melvins [!?¡]), and DJ International Tapes; a performance that sounds complex and amazing; and art + publications + art publications. If you need a reminder, you can RSVP (here). A good time for worthy causes. Come on out.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


minimalism in posting

Monday, September 20, 2010


This week is going to entertain you in ways that you'd previously only read about on the Internet. Let's get down to it

International Tapes and Vibes Management are summoning the giant galactic brain (pictured) at Glasslands this Tuesday. In case the brain can't make it, Laurel Halo, Mark Mcguire, Outer Space, Steve Hauschildt, and DJ Jan Woo will be there. Hope for the 2nd option, because brain juice is a pain to wash out of your clothes. Further details and tasty media (here)

Thee Oh Sees, Sex Beet, Happy Birthday, and Fergus & Geronimo are bringing piles of fuzzy joy to ye aulde Santos Party House. Promises to be as a good time as $12 can get you in Chinatown these days. Deeper knowledge (here)

In case you don't have your magnifying glass handy, I'll fill you in on what the flyer says: Boats, Fance in the Foles, Small Devices, and Phonetag are playing at Don Pedro's (90 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn) for possibly the price of a single US dollar. Cheaper than a load of laundry and twice as snuggably soft. Links to musics and everything you just read phrased in a different way (here)

It's also Country Night at Heather's! Gluten free beer and heartbreak for all!

Tiger Beer is celebrating the equinox/end of the world with cheap beer and performances by These Are Powers or Powers or whatever they're called now, current super favorite GATEKEEPER, and DJ sets from Finger on the Pulse. If you RSVP to uh, with the word "Tiger" in the subject line, you can get in for free. It's happening at Union Pool, so take appropriate health precautions

Pendu Disco presents a Rainbow Body Records showcase! $10 gets you WHITE CAR, NIGHT GALLERY, ROBERT A.A. LOWE, GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, and KONNICHIWA. Needless to say, it's a show you definitely don't want to miss. It's all happening at Secret Project Robot. Details and media samplings available (here).

Friday, September 10, 2010


It's a good ol' fashioned block party with many favorite/good bands (Electric Tickle Machine, Shark?, Phone Tag, Hunters, The Netherlands, Team Robespierre, Git Real, Knifeshow, y mas) + a super secret guest, DJs galore, a special selection of edible objects from Roberta's, and various other things that pile great on top of awesome on top of neato. The weather will be nice! The Deth Killers are throwing an after party in 3 dimensions! Bikini keg stand competition? OK, sure! Go do it now (Sunday)!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Oyez! Oyez! Pendu Disco is switching gears! Your favorite weekly has now metamorphosed into your favorite monthly. That means if you miss out on tonight, your life is destined to be an empty shell for the next 30 days or so. With performances by Cosmetics, Cult of Youth, King Dude, DJ magic by Bryan K of White Ring, and light throwing by Laurel Halo, tonight is sure to be a classic. And remember, the fog is always free. More details (here)

And if you haven't already, be sure and become a fan of Pendu NYC on Facebook so as to stay up to date on happenings and other associated wonderful things. See you at Glasslands.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oneohtrix Point Never, ARP, James Ferraro, Future Shuttle, and Blondes (DJing) are bringing their all natural goodness to Coco 66. It's going to be everything you'd expect from a Visitation Rites/Last Friday party. That means good things, by the way. Full details (here). And there's a super ultra totally superlative words (not) secret after party that's right next door that happens to have all of its info available (here)

Ye auld favorite Phone Tone Boners AKA Phone Tag are making their Santos Party House debut! Think About Life and Tayisha Busay will also be there. They might even play, too. I don't make those decisions. Andrew WK will be there watching your every move through the security cameras, but privacy whatever cuz he's gonna be partyin' hard in his MAGIC MULTI-FEED PARTY CUBE OH YAHZ while he's doin' that. Go! It will be great times. Details (here)

It's ok, I don't know what those tan Pacmans are supposed to be either. Art? Let's go with art. Anyway, the honorable people of Devotion Gallery and 319 Scholes (that place you went to an art show at that one time, remember?) have teamed up to throw a birthday fundraiser in hopes of continuing to bring you more of various kinds of great things. The event features art objects on the cheap and performances from a slew of very talented people who you should probably meet. You can get people to contribute to your zine or something. It'll be magical. Further reading is available (here).

Monday, August 2, 2010


The ever enigmatic master($) of tropical punch infused dark dancefloor anthems known as Black Devil --> Black Devil Disco Club are playing Pendu Disco this Tuesday at Glasslands! If you're not excited, come and find out why you should be. Facebook invite is (here). Order your tickets online by midnight tonight (Monday) and it will only set you back $12, as opposed to $15 at the door. This is one of those shows that just won't happen again. Doesn't matter how many electronic music festivals you're going to. + some of the best veteran Tuesday Disco DJs are warming things up. Beyond worth it

In other news, I've started writing reviews for the always fun and unpredictable International Tapes, so be sure and check back there regularly for tapes from across the multiverse, exclusive mixes, and tape reviews. Don't worry, I'll pester you about it, too. Superb entertainment. Exciting stuff all around

Friday, July 23, 2010


Take a look at my write up of last Tuesday's Pendu Disco. Shiny pictures of Gatekeeper (above) and Von Haze included (link)

Monday, July 19, 2010


I am now accepting submissions of art, fiction (short), truth, photography, .gifs, music and film for review, comics, and animation for an upcoming online publication that does not have a name yet

The rough theme is "the ladies." Emphasis on rough. Abstractly related works are very much encouraged

Contribute! and spread the word to anyone who might be interested. If you need a reminder, you can RSVP to the Facebook event (here)

Please send submissions to:


To accommodate those interested in submitting but feeling a little short on time, the submission deadline is now 9/16! That's one whole extra month, but early submissions will still receive preferential consideration

Thanks to everyone who's submitted their work so far! Things are shaping up nicely already. We're all very encouraged with the process and are looking forward to seeing anything you have to show us. Let's do this!


I'm now a regular contributor at Pendu Mag. If you read this blog regularly (read: sit poring over every single entry repeatedly reliving the glory of past), you are probably aware that I've been a huge admirer of everything they do over there at Pendu for a good while. On top of my regular recaps of Pendu Disco and other events, there are plenty of things to watch and listen to, so give it a look. Writing about music is so much easier when the music doesn't suck, am I right?

This week Pendu Disco features the sonic ice sculptures of Gatekeeper, the Britain-bound minimalish pop of Von Haze, and a dancefloor curated by Shawn NoEQ of the post-punkling soundtrack enthusiasts known as LED ER EST and Katie Rose of the always amazing Further Reductions. Be sure and visit the Pendu events page (link) for music and future/past events. See you at Glasslands every Tuesday until the world ends


Friday, July 9, 2010


Read the flyer. Further details (here). Let's make it awesome!

And be sure and check out my write up of last week's Pendu Disco in Pendu Mag. This next week Cruel Black Dove, Other Crimes, and DJ Jeralyn. Come feel the roar. See you there! As in at both of these events! Go/come! Bye!

Friday, July 2, 2010



What Long Island band is about to go on tour with Bear in Heaven, just signed to a big deal label, and is actually cool? I'll give you a second to look at this album cover while you drink a pot of coffee and think about it. HINT: there is also a subtle clue encoded in the title of the post.

Have you given up yet? Ok. It's Twin Sister. They just got signed to Domino. That's the news. Now you know, but you did not hear it from me. The only reason I know is because I spent 12 hours waterboarding Laurence Bell, but it's ok, we do that every weekend. No big deal.

Twin Sister's schedule of upcoming shows is (here). If you like their songs, buy their albums/cds/mp3s/betamax tapes/wax cyclinders and such, because pretty soon they're going to be doing big(ger) stuff and you can be like "hey girl, I gots this tape" and she'll be like "rad, let me show you the daguerreotypes of I took of that band at SXSW." It'll be love from then on out

Thursday, June 10, 2010


comic by Cali

This is a music post. This post's primary purpose is to tell you about music. The secondary purpose of this post is to convince you that Bandcamp is awesome and you should delete your Myspace because News Corp is destroying humanity. Just sayin'. Anyway, on to the aforementioned music

Rattlesnake is quietish folk inspired pop that seems instantly familiar but still hits you with enough inspired and unexpected little touches to make you think, "Oh, this is actually two talented people making well thought out, pretty music," instead of, "Ohhhhh godddddd, thiiiiiis aggggaaaaain, nononono." They also cover Smog! And well! Who does that? Definitely not me ever. Makes me happy. Their live show is only getting better, so if you're in Brooklyn, be sure and check them out. Enough talking, more linking to the free download: Rattlesnake - Make Home EP

Watch Out For Rockets' new EP, entitled Shaman Shit, is a romping chimera of layered guitar and dense vocal harmonies, interspersed with samples, spoken word, and noise. The final product: oh look, it's Indie Rock that's not boring! In fact, it's alot of fun. The EP has actually made me wish it was longer every time I've listened to it. In summary, short, sweet, and good summer listening. Link to free download is (here)

Yeah, I capitalized indie rock. Now I'm not. Why? Clue: it involves the shift key

Have you ever listened to AIDS-3D? You should. They have good ideas. If you've seen me DJ, (I probably owe you an apology) you will understand why I appreciate certain parts of their aesthetic. Oh, and their art has been all over the place. They've been interviewed by much more popular publications than ZinBin. They live in Berlin. Thanks, Google. MP3 picks (here) (here) (here) (here). Whole page of downloads (here)

According to a friend, Las Robertas "have that Brooklyn sound down. Have you seen them play?" No, I haven't seen them play. I'd like to, but they're from Costa Rica. That makes it kind of hard. There's water in the way. And wait, does Brooklyn own every post-punkish genre now? Really? Point being, you should give this band a listen. It's a fresh take on alot of things you probably already like and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Enjoy: (link)


listen while wearing for maximum effect

Friday, June 4, 2010


RIP Brooklyn Yard. ZinBin is extremely troubled to hear that famed independent venue Brooklyn Yard got the boot from their landlord this week. The double edged sword of throwing gigantic, successful events has struck again. Say it ain't so, MeanRed! You can read the full story (here). Thanks for everything. People have also died

RIP Rue McClanahan. So that's what, all of them but Betty White? Luckily the Golden Girls will live forever on DVD, or at least until a solar flare kills all life on Earth and melts everything that's plastic. Close enough

RIP Louise Bourgeois. Thanks for the nightmares

RIP Richard Dunn. That's too bad

RIP Tobias Wong. People who love smoking and wearing mittens owe this man alot.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'd love to give each of these events a cozy little post of their own, but lo there is so much going on this weekend. What are these events, you ask? Well, firstly Bushwick Open Studios is going on all weekend. Secondly, thirdly, fourthly, and ok, I'll just do it like I always do

Start your night off with a little light mental trauma, courtesy of GEA's art and Pendu Gallery. 7-10 pm @442 Lorimer #4. Continuing on. Sorry about the poster, Dad

This arts and crafts skull is here to tell you that Popo, Light Asylum, Sundelles, and Translations are playing at Glasslands (289 Kent) for $10. Doors are at 9. This show should fill up fast, so don't pregame too hard. So very glad Light Asylum is back from conquering the universe

Prince Rama (pictured), HIGHLIFE, Amen Dunes, and W.H.I.T.E are going to play music that someone is probably already working on making up new genre names to describe for the benefit of the stalwart analog format live music listings resource known as Showpaper. Yay, Showpaper! One thing you can't do with a blog: use it clean up the coffee you just spilled all over your floor. Yeah, I'm drinking coffee at night. Don't judge. I have a problem. It's at Monster Island Basement (lodged in the ground underneath 128 River), so you know it's gonna be fun. Show starts at 8 and the cost $8ish

Little Women, Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae, Okie Dokie, and The Dreebs want to put distorted guitars very far into your ears. It's the kind of music that makes people move around and shove each other and stuff. Who does that? Should be good. Details on flyer. BYOB is nice

Late night dance party that is also for the benefit of Showpaper. DJs that are worth dancing to. Details on the flyer. Magic in the air. Blood on the dance floor. Words I am typing


k0M3 J01n 0Ur 900D pHr13nd2 AND 50m3T1M32 8AnD MAT32 Ph0N3 TA9, la 819 V1c, MA1d5, Du7cH 7R347, ANd R1C 0F 1nt3rNAt10naL tAp32 @ pARTy 3Xp0 (929 8R0aDWAY) tH12 5AturDay. 3aR tr3at2 A80uNd. 5TArT2 @ 8 AND MaY83 K05T2 $5 L3wt. k0m3 ch3Ck 0uT PH0N3 ta9'2 n3W 50und AND l1n3up!

And there's another Showpaper benefit at Shea Stadium. BBQ starts at 6. Performances by W.H.I.T.E, Orphans, Human Resources, Say No to Architecture, Darb Modnoc, and Graffiti Monsters will ensue. Ink is expensive, dudes

Have a good weekend, all! Say hi if you see me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Check out the whole set (here). Thanks to Pendu Org and all the amazing bands. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


RIP Gary Coleman

RIP Dennis Hopper, one of the best film bad guys ever

RIP Allie-Oddie Woodson

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This Saturday and Sunday, NY EYE & EAR FEST III is coming to Brooklyn's Knitting factory. As you can read on the poster, the lineup is absolutely incredible. It's a good cross section of the NY bands I'd be posting about on here if I ever bothered to do music posts regularly. A great balance of vicious and cute. Plus, two days of art and awesome bands for $30 is actually really cheap, considering how much weekend shows usually cost. If you want a preview of what your ears are in for, there are mixes featuring the bands that are playing available for your free downloading pleasure (here) and (here). More music and anything else you could possibly want to know is probably on the event's site. Blank Dogs, Laurel Halo, White Ring, Love Like Deloreans, Xeno & Oaklander, Blondes, Living Days, Omega Jarden, Konnichiwa, and more! I'll be taking pictures, so come say hi! Oh, you don't know what Pendu Org's deal is?


Pendu Org is a precisely tuned multimedia enterprise, rumored to run on adrenaline produced during nightmares, absinthe, and the fur of cats. Unless you live in Rainbow Land, you may have noticed the darker aesthetic is really catching on with the kids. Pendu Org is the smart older brother of that movement. From Tuesday Night Disco, to their amazing online magazine, to their record label, you can always count on Pendu to be a bit dark, startlingly well thought out, and supremely awesome. I had the chance to interview Todd and DJ Harrison earlier this year. You can read that conversation and further explanations of how cool it is what they're doing (here). I am a fan. See you Saturday.

Possible future band names

Monday, May 17, 2010


Thanks for keeping up with ZinBin through this transition period. I've been juggling several projects and a new job, so this dear blog has not been maintained very well lately. Rather than inundate you with half sincere apologies for being busy, I'm going to go ahead and do this:

Hey, if you are interested in contributing to ZINENBLOGEN, please email me at zinenblogen[a-t]

Contributions of any type and scope are welcome - from just wanting to post some of your comics or an essay or whatever to taking on a spot as a regular columnist/contributor. Do it! It'll be fun!

I'm also accepting submissions for a print zine, so shoot those anything you'd like to see in that, too. Let me know if you have any questions

Luke/Simian/all those other names

Sunday, May 16, 2010


RIP Ronnie James Dio. It's like rock music just lost an index finger and a pinkie

RIP Lynn Redgrave

RIP Lena Horne. You were probably too pretty to exist anyway

RIP Frank Frazetta (not pictured)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hi, Phone Tag has finally released the Millions of Colors EP. You can download it here! For free! Even though Phone Tag doesn't sound anything like this anymore, if you're in the mood for some bright shiny electronic pop music, this is definitely the EP for you. Required summer listening for all. Enjoy away!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


People that live in Austin, check this out. Art, musics, and other arts! Be sure and show up early for the Fritzl Babies. Attendance increases chance of enjoyment!

And coming soon on ZinBin:
I explain why I haven't been posting (hint: it's not because I'm dead)
I tell you about musical happenings
I ask you a question?

Stay tuned!


Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's Record Store Day, so get out there and support your local vinyl slingers. It's a worldwide hi-fi celebration goin on.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


NYPD continued its recent crackdown on mixed use spaces with Tuesday's daytime raid of 13 Thames. The raid was aimed at the I AM collective, an anarchist group that has a book fair and film festival planned for this Friday. The officers did not present a warrant. Two people with unpaid tickets for minor offenses were taken to jail overnight and questioned regarding the events' organizers. That's the straight news.

Two different takes: (here) and (here)

The NYPD's concern about the burgeoning crime wave in East Williamsburg and Bushwick is appreciated, but has so far efforts have been gravely misdirected. Sure, hassling Marcy Hotel, Market Hotel, Surreal Estate, McKibben, and other well known spaces will probably lead to a (purely) statistical drop in crime for the area, but the truth is that if NYPD was doing its job in the first place and actually protecting people, the petty crimes associated with venues and general nightlife activities would not be such an issue. Hassling anarchists sitting in their living room and kids trying to have a good time isn't going to do anything except inflame further anti-police sentiment. No matter how you feel about these spaces, this is a disturbingly repressive trend. That's just the opinion of one "marshmallow."

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Malcolm McLaren may not have invented punk, but he sure did invent selling it. Say what you will, but his influence can't be denied. My cultural studies papers from college wouldn't have been nearly as interesting without him. Thanks for all the A's

Monday, April 5, 2010


Image via foto.phrend

Over the weekend, the beloved DIY venue and cultural center known as
Market Hotel got busted not once, but twice by NYPD. While this is a major bummer and puts our pals at Mr Saturday Night and other great weekly booking spots in a bit of a bind, all is not lost

Hopes remain to transition Market Hotel into a licensed, non-profit community space. It's going to take alot of effort from Market management, the larger DIY community, and fans of affordable and all ages live music to make that happen. If there's any way you can contribute to the efforts to bring market up to code, help with legal issues, or do anything else that can speed the process, please contact Also, please go ahead and unfriend all the undercover cops on your Facebook friends list. That'd probably be a good idea anyway

Let's hope this doesn't represent a deliberate effort to crack down on DIY spaces in Brooklyn. These spaces are vital to the economic and cultural health of the neighborhoods and communities that many, including myself, are proud the be a part of. Losing them would be a shame. Let's not let that happen.