Monday, August 2, 2010


The ever enigmatic master($) of tropical punch infused dark dancefloor anthems known as Black Devil --> Black Devil Disco Club are playing Pendu Disco this Tuesday at Glasslands! If you're not excited, come and find out why you should be. Facebook invite is (here). Order your tickets online by midnight tonight (Monday) and it will only set you back $12, as opposed to $15 at the door. This is one of those shows that just won't happen again. Doesn't matter how many electronic music festivals you're going to. + some of the best veteran Tuesday Disco DJs are warming things up. Beyond worth it

In other news, I've started writing reviews for the always fun and unpredictable International Tapes, so be sure and check back there regularly for tapes from across the multiverse, exclusive mixes, and tape reviews. Don't worry, I'll pester you about it, too. Superb entertainment. Exciting stuff all around

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