Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oneohtrix Point Never, ARP, James Ferraro, Future Shuttle, and Blondes (DJing) are bringing their all natural goodness to Coco 66. It's going to be everything you'd expect from a Visitation Rites/Last Friday party. That means good things, by the way. Full details (here). And there's a super ultra totally superlative words (not) secret after party that's right next door that happens to have all of its info available (here)

Ye auld favorite Phone Tone Boners AKA Phone Tag are making their Santos Party House debut! Think About Life and Tayisha Busay will also be there. They might even play, too. I don't make those decisions. Andrew WK will be there watching your every move through the security cameras, but privacy whatever cuz he's gonna be partyin' hard in his MAGIC MULTI-FEED PARTY CUBE OH YAHZ while he's doin' that. Go! It will be great times. Details (here)

It's ok, I don't know what those tan Pacmans are supposed to be either. Art? Let's go with art. Anyway, the honorable people of Devotion Gallery and 319 Scholes (that place you went to an art show at that one time, remember?) have teamed up to throw a birthday fundraiser in hopes of continuing to bring you more of various kinds of great things. The event features art objects on the cheap and performances from a slew of very talented people who you should probably meet. You can get people to contribute to your zine or something. It'll be magical. Further reading is available (here).

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