Monday, July 19, 2010


I am now accepting submissions of art, fiction (short), truth, photography, .gifs, music and film for review, comics, and animation for an upcoming online publication that does not have a name yet

The rough theme is "the ladies." Emphasis on rough. Abstractly related works are very much encouraged

Contribute! and spread the word to anyone who might be interested. If you need a reminder, you can RSVP to the Facebook event (here)

Please send submissions to:


To accommodate those interested in submitting but feeling a little short on time, the submission deadline is now 9/16! That's one whole extra month, but early submissions will still receive preferential consideration

Thanks to everyone who's submitted their work so far! Things are shaping up nicely already. We're all very encouraged with the process and are looking forward to seeing anything you have to show us. Let's do this!


I'm now a regular contributor at Pendu Mag. If you read this blog regularly (read: sit poring over every single entry repeatedly reliving the glory of past), you are probably aware that I've been a huge admirer of everything they do over there at Pendu for a good while. On top of my regular recaps of Pendu Disco and other events, there are plenty of things to watch and listen to, so give it a look. Writing about music is so much easier when the music doesn't suck, am I right?

This week Pendu Disco features the sonic ice sculptures of Gatekeeper, the Britain-bound minimalish pop of Von Haze, and a dancefloor curated by Shawn NoEQ of the post-punkling soundtrack enthusiasts known as LED ER EST and Katie Rose of the always amazing Further Reductions. Be sure and visit the Pendu events page (link) for music and future/past events. See you at Glasslands every Tuesday until the world ends


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