Friday, July 2, 2010



What Long Island band is about to go on tour with Bear in Heaven, just signed to a big deal label, and is actually cool? I'll give you a second to look at this album cover while you drink a pot of coffee and think about it. HINT: there is also a subtle clue encoded in the title of the post.

Have you given up yet? Ok. It's Twin Sister. They just got signed to Domino. That's the news. Now you know, but you did not hear it from me. The only reason I know is because I spent 12 hours waterboarding Laurence Bell, but it's ok, we do that every weekend. No big deal.

Twin Sister's schedule of upcoming shows is (here). If you like their songs, buy their albums/cds/mp3s/betamax tapes/wax cyclinders and such, because pretty soon they're going to be doing big(ger) stuff and you can be like "hey girl, I gots this tape" and she'll be like "rad, let me show you the daguerreotypes of I took of that band at SXSW." It'll be love from then on out

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