Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oh yes, there is alot to do on this Thursday night. UPDATE: Peter and the Wolf, Sunset, The Eastern Sea, and Silent Diane are all playing from 9-11 tonight at Baby Blue Studios (1522 E 12th)! This is alot of music for a $5 beer donation! + DJing by Dan Gentile in between sets. GOD WHY AM I WORKING LATE WHY WHY WHY

The ever awesome WWLs open up for the Lemurs tonight at Mohawk. You know this will be super magical.

And lo, a "dance party"/hang out session at Primo's. Come fill yourself with $2 Tecate and take in a really nifty variety of musics. SPREADING EVER EASTWARD: WE WILL NOT STOP TIL WE REACH THE OCEAN. EVEN THEN, WE WILL ONLY PAUSE TO BUY BOATS. I digress. This is gonna be fun.

I really messed up about letting you know that you should RSVP for this for cheap tickets, but after all, it's only a $2 difference. You'll survive. If you know who My Cousin Roy is, you know that this show will be amazed/guessing. Primo stuff here.

And yet another show featuring some fun local talent. Cheers!


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