Friday, September 4, 2009


This weekend is like your high school valedictorian that went to Harvard: it has no excuse not to be great. OK, that was weak, but seriously, even if you're chronologically challenged, there are still plenty of house parties and other such things to keep you busy til the wee hours. I will not post them here, because where's the fun in that. If I had to spend all night hunting for disappearing ghost parties when I was your age (ok, I'm only 22, but still), then so do you.

Four flavors of local indie rock for your listening pleasurfication. May I suggest you try the waffle cone. Yay! Eastern Sea is at Emo's! Go team, go!

Here there be free vodka til 11. The only kicker is that only females are allowed to access it. IIf wearing a dress or getting a sex change sounds like too much of an effort, I bet one of your gal pals would be willing to send some of it your way so long as you ask nicely.

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