Thursday, July 9, 2009


Consistent updating eludes me. I'm sure last night was fun, but whattayagonnado. Sometimes life does not cooperate. How do you lead up to a weekend like this one? With RSVP events that throw the gateways of free things wide to you, the people.

This a mighty exciting show here. Beauty Bar is bringing in extra woofage and ampage to ensure this doesn't disappoint your ear balls. Free ice cream abounds. RSVP closes at 8pm, so hurry!

The real news about this one is the Music Gym after after party from 1-3. It's sponsored by Dripping Springs Vodka and Lone Star Beer and supposedly you need a stamp from the show itself (Parish, $8) to get in. Remembering Music Gym parties in the days of yor has me mighty curious, even though the bands are um, yeah, I have no idea - local, they are local and the Chronicle likes them, so good for them

This show looks like most cd release shows, except for the important fact that there is an RSVP only lounge up top. That is where the food, DJ, "drinks" of undetermined pricing, and a photo booth by Trevor Ray Thompson will be. You can RSVP at, but I have no idea if it's still open

And for anybody who needs another option, Class of 1984 and Class of 1999 are showing tonight at Spiderhouse, starting at 9. Here are some posters, because they are nice to look at:


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