Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oly crap! Afrika Bambaataa: speaking. Prince Klassen, DJ Scuba Gooding, and Startynx: DJing. Good luck to Open Labs and Red Bull trying to hold my attention with their new thingamajig, as I will be too excited/already own a laptop.

A live reading by a really interesting author, brought to you by Monofonous Press.

And this will be fun, as per usual + RAM-Z.

Join us at the Lamar pedestrian bridge this Wednesday from 10-? for a DRUM MACHINE CIRCLE. Bring your Akai, Oberheim, Linn, Dr. Groove, E-mu, Alesis, Roland, Korg, Quasimidi, Elektron, Yamaha, Wurlitzer, Dave Smith creation, JoMox, or hell, your old Casiotone with the bongo sound (I'm bringing mine) along with a speaker or amp and let the magic of the Elders of Zion free the rhythm of your soul's inner mind. Er something. Even if you are not a proud drum machine owner, opportunities to gawk and take photos will abound.

This week's special guest is VICIOUS. Very nice!

RSVP is closed. For venue info (ooh, they do weddings) go here. Vast amount of details here.

All the local talent you can handle without breaking something inside yourself.

Most DJ battles end up being something like this:

I get the feeling that this one will be different. For instance, there will be no green wigs. Seriously, this should be grrreat.

Posters like this make me glad I am not colorblind. Sorry for the broad, quick, and dirty update, but there is more of that good stuff to come. There is sew (see that pun I made har har) much going on for Fashion Week. It's a little bit dizzying for one of the uninitiated, like myself, but I will do my best to trawl the waters for free things. Happy birthday, Steve!


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