Thursday, July 30, 2009


Before I descend into the video cave for the next few nights, here are some ideas regarding how to occupy your bad selves.

I've never caught L.A.X. live before, but this seems like an excellent (read: cheaper) chance to do just that before they play ACL and somehow start getting yet more "new" media attention. Nobody seems to know how much this will set you back, but knowing Mohawk, I would guess around $10. Get there early for Black Cock (the band), Company of Thieves, and the Team Fab DJs. Still waiting for jokes about Black Cock's name to get old. Yep, still waiting.

I've been hearing really exciting things about this multipurpose space (a box). Full disclosure: by "exciting things," I mean a wall made of functional TVs. And oh yeah, good bands, 3 kegs, and a measly $5 cover. And it is early (9), so you will have plenty of opportunities to go to other happenings later.

Such as this. These nice people want you to come to Beauty Bar to sell you stuff. Entertainment provided by the excessively talented Monster Girl, DJ Blend*e, and Salvo. 7-11.

Art Lies celebrates the release of their new issue with a reception at Creative Research Laboratory (2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd), from 8-10. That's very cool. They will also be screening The Yes Men, which is a very fun and important movie.


THE RETURN OF THE DON TOUR from dro on Vimeo.

DON RIMINI + DETAILS @ FIREHOUSE LOUNGE. This is really a no brainer, y'all. This night is set to be super memorable, um, or maybe non-rememberable is a better way to say it. Tickets you may buy in advance are here.

Good for you guys! Loads of artistic talent and booze once again come to Co-Lab. From the artists:
Three artists return to their birthplace after spending time in their respective northern mega-cities. Back to the Southwest with virgin eyes, they examine ideas related to space, visual perspective, scale, and the real/unreal, all specific to the Texas landscape.
My lovely room mates and I are having a garage sale. Shoot me email internet communications for details. This garage sale themed even is happening as well.
If you have never heard a Furby choir before, jump on it. And a happy birthday to Clare and Christine!


  1. yaaay! thanks for the shoutout :D

    also, furby choir?! is it exactly what it sounds like? how does that work?

  2. They're all circuit bent and wired together. It sounds pretty awful, but looks pretty adorable