Friday, July 17, 2009


What a title that is. I don't know hinds from heads about fashion week, so I'm going to belatedly defer to this lovely blog: amberdemure. I've just noticed that Austin Is Burning has done the same thing. AWTHUM and Peen Scene have yet to give in. By the way, these blogs are great. Now that I'm done shamelessly plugging things, have I got ze post for you. Art abounds, but TONIGHT!

WEE! + der fabulous haus pahties

MEN-R-G DJs (MVSCLZ, DYLZ-PILLZ, GIGGOMACHINE) will be spinning "the finest in cosmic/italo/electro/house/balearic/rave/german trance/laser
crunk/screw-pop/slam/mosh/dutch filter disco/french bathhouse
garage from the 70s, 80s, 90s & beyond" at their very own party at Rusty Spurs. Yes, Rusty Spurs. Don't act so aghast. If you ever went to Black and Tan, you were basically going there anyway. There was undeniably a good bit of crossover going on. The point is good music, so chill yourself out. Plus, as you might have guessed, there will be a space/2012/future themed costume contest.

From 12-3PM, Okay Mountain is hosting a show by Daniel Fabian. Supposedly there is a byo-bbq going on, which is always nice. Artist statement:
These works represent a recurring theme of my thwarted escape to a utopian tropical destination. I frequently attempt to expose the incongruities of reality through a subtle form of humor. Humor is a cognitive mechanism that evolved to relieve stress caused by unexpected outcomes. Its source is a primordial bone located in the elbow.
MASS Gallery is celebrating their staff show with an all day opening. Cool.


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