Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm not playing this week, but come catch DJ Blake Brandon and the ever eclectic sounds of Mubali. Come hang out, dance, and do what you gotta do. You know it's 18+ with $2 drinks, but I just told you again

Ye auld weekly spot does not disappoint

And even though I'm not as enthused about Patrick Wolf - if that is your real name, sir - as I once was, I'm posting the flyer for these reasons:
  1. People that enjoy his music immensely have not heard about this show
  2. It's still possible to get in
  3. This flyer is really pretty
There you go. Also, "Lady in Red" is playing at everyone's favorite Austin Java Co. sponsored weekly screening, Weird Wednesday. I hate, but I do love so much. Happy July, everybody!

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