Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Photo by Scott Robertson

Hey guys, it's a music post that's not even about a disco diva. Weird, right? When does that happen? Um, now.


You may already be familiar with Nightshade a la our last
mixtape, which I promise I really will stop mentioning someday, or possibly your own limitless internet savvy. They had the great idea to make music videos for all their songs right off the bat and put them all up on their Youtube Channel. New media, say what? If you still prefer to listen to music without using your eyes, they also have a myspace. I'm enjoying this stuff. It's dark, but still has a really great pop sensibility to it. I've heard people compare this stuff to Fever Ray, Bot'Ox, Glass Candy, and even a low-fi take on Peter Gabriel and/or Phil Collins. (QUESTION: Those two ARE officially the same person now, right?) I can hear all those in there if I try, but I'm 10 to the 10th power more likely to get Nightshade stuck in my head these days than "Solsbury Hill." I really really want to see how this stuff sounds live. Keep up the good work, guys!

This piece of music entered my world via
†HE C☮MM☮N CH∆N†. I will admit, that my first reaction was not entirely positive, but this song got its hooks into me and has been a near daily listen ever since. Ata Kak has gotten me through colds, bad job interviews, a leaky roof, and more than one intolerable subway rush hour. It's sunshine in lo-fi highlife form. If that video didn't send you screaming from the room, then you should visit Awesome Tapes From Africa and download the full album.

I bet you're thinking this is pretty weak mp3 wise for a music post, well ASSACRE has you covered. 2005's Fantastic Illusions Worth Dying For is now available as a free download (here). I lost this album a few hard drives ago, so you can imagine my relief that these epic jams have been loosed on the earthly plane once again. Listen with vigor. Repeat until achieving desired results.

And hey guys,
I'd like to put music up here on a more regular basis, so if you ever have any music you know about/are making that you'd like me to post, please be so kind as to drop me a line.


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