Monday, January 4, 2010


Todd & DJ Harrison’s Tuesday Nite Disco is getting started off on the right foot, with SALEM and GATEKEEPER? Both? Playing together?? If you are a fan of dark electronic music, you know how good this is going to be. If you aren't, then is going to be an overdue education for you. Get your tickets (here). Looking forward to what this weekly set at Glasslands will come up with next. I'm sure they'll let us all know. NOTE: this music is designed for being heard in certain contexts (loud rooms full of people who are down), so take advantage.

And oh yeah, there's an after party with an absolutely dizzying list of DJs: Gatekeeper (DJ set), Blackmoth, Kingdom, So Bones, Wish 4 ∞ Orchards, Teengirl Fantasy, DJ Mark Brown, DJ DJ Screw's Ghost, and even more. Wow, Tuesday, good job

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