Thursday, October 22, 2009


I started my internship with this week. That's a link to a splash page. The full site launches on the 1st, I do believe. A cool concept. It's been fun running around to bars and restaurants and then getting to write about it.

On the music front, my pal Gryphon, of Phone Tag and a thousand other things, and I are working on a mix tape. I would tease you with a track list, but you have to wait until next week. Ok ok, I'll just say it features Phoenix, MVSCLZ, Vanity 6, Nightshade, Iron Maiden, Beyonce, Yuksek, more dirty rap than you can shake a PARENTAL ADVISORY label at, and oh so much more. It's good, trust me.

Also! Phone Tag is playing at Kenny's Castaways as part of CMJ this Friday. Needless to say, you should attend. FB event page behind the link.

Carry on, internet soldiers.

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  1. Part-time internship = big-time fun? Hope so. And yeah, a version of the mixtape has porno potty-mouth in the first song. Like smelling a fart as you enter the Louvre.