Friday, April 17, 2009


Thanks, rain. Guess I'm NOT starting my pepper garden today. But! I have goodies for you. Firstly, this portion of today's post is dedicated entirely to the majesty of

The internets have been aglow with their ear candy magic for a month or so now, but I can't let that stop me from telling you how much I'm digging this stuff. I could go on hyping them up, but I'll let these tracks speak for themselves. I've got an original for you, and an absolutely tits remix of a classic track by Newcleus (so near and dear to my little black heart)

Phone Tag - Timing

Newcleus - Jam On It (Phone Tag RMX)

Wonderful, no? Perfect music for when the sun returns. Show them love on the myspace (herez)

UAHA and My Kid Could Paint That want you to come check out student artwork, eat cupcakes, and listen to tunes provided by KVRX DJs tonight @ the Art Authority 8-Midnight. Art prices range from $5 to $150, so you can even take some of the magic home with you

Art this SUNDAY
Oh look, an art show. One day only! 7-10pm @ Co-Lab (613 Allen on the East Side). I will steal the words the artists chose to describe it (insert deep breath here): "Drawing from the collections of Warren Aldrich and Lillian Gerson, comes a frantic onslaught of visual information reminiscent of the cluttered energy of a packed flea market stall or an overcrowded garage sale. Both artists work with a strong collage mentality handling every medium with a process of accumulation, from the paintings composed of minuscule dots and dense layering to the assemblages of found objects. Just as each individual piece is essential to the series, so too is the crowded context crucial to the singular, thus leading the viewer to seriously consider the possibility that quantity can truly dictate quality." Sounds cool.

I went there for AWTHUMFETHT a few weeks ago. They have a cool thing going on

And Beauty Bar wants to give you a chance to buy things! Bless 'em
Musical equipment, clothes, and booze? Oh neat. Do have a good weekend and do brave the rain to do things

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