Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rainbow Blowing Bubbles

For this blog's inaugural post, I want to drop something imminent, timely, and germane to the perilous condition of our world today.

Heavily choreographed Germano-Russo-ABBA inspired power rangers that had a popular resurgence a half decade ago. It's like disco-pop created by fabric scientists and history majors. If your brain starts to hurt, skip to time stamp 2:05.

And their leader is some sort of czar-type guy doing interpretive dance. Or something. Making dramatic faces? There's definitely some twirling in there. Like I said, doing something. And what trans-continentally popular pop group named Dschinghis Khan could avoid an ode to their namesake:

Not this one, apparently. Neither has this, um, group been immune to pop cannibalism.


and of course there is a dubious J-pop cover of "Dschinigis Khan," complete with yurt, which is actually pretty cool looking.


The last time I saw Japanese people hanging out in yurts was 2007's criminally underrated "Mongol."

In talking to people about this movie, it seems that the most complaints fall along the lines of, "there's not enough action," "ew, a family drama," "what the red devil are those noises they make with their throats," "there's no conquering. didn't this guy do alot of that?," or all of the above. My answer usually falls along the lines of "then go watch 'Shooter,'" "yeah, a family drama - with swords," "throat singing is awesome," "oh, well it's supposed to be the first part of a trilogy, so 'Mongol' was mainly back story," or all of the above.

As of yet, production hasn't started on the sequels. Key word: yet. The general consensus is that they're still being made and that the director and lead actors are still on board. Hooray for that. Hooray for sequels I actually want to see. And hopefully those movies will come together before Dschinghis Khan (inevitably?) reunites to put out a new single called "Mansa Musa," or something like that

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