Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don Cheadle Wears Suit, Internet Explodes

In what is undeniably the most important bit of news coming out of Hollywood this week, pictures of Don Cheadle wearing a US Air Force uniform during on the set of 'Iron Man 2' leaked, causing a chain reaction that quickly submerged the entire internet in a wave of well matched blues. Professional bloggers and the lay public alike have been taken in awe by the commanding, yet nonchalant quality Cheadle bringst to the character of James "Rhodey" Rhodes, in this single still image that may or may not have been taken during actual filming. Image analysts have also pointed out the distance at which Cheadle holds the cell phone from his ear, pointing to the strong probability that he is using speaker phone. Speaker phone on a cell phone? Wow, way to go, Air Force! Those Russian bad guys in 'Iron Man 2' sure won't know what hit em. All together now: USA USA USA

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