Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It is too humid to feel human. Oh spring, why do you taunt me with sunshine only to soak me with mist all day. Well, don't let that bum you out. I mean, the ACL line up is coming out soon and, oh wait -WHY? There are maybe, ok 8ish bands on there I don't actively dislike for some petty reason. Looks like I will have to keep begging ACL to let me justify the price of admission. I got some items of interest for ya, though. Might help dull the pain. Free air conditioning with ever purchase!


VULCAN VIDEO presents the seminal horror comedy, "Blood Diner" in supa rare 35mm format! It's got all the tell tale signs of a fine film: sleazy policemen, cannibalism, unlicensed surgery, Egyptian goddesses that need to be appeased, and the list goes on. Every time you've found yourself laughing at a scary movie, you've really been wishing that, somewhere in the twisted tubes of your black heart, that it was this one. Missed this one a few years ago and ended up watching a VHS copy that broke about 3/4 through. I am correcting that mistake tonight. Screening starts at 10:15. Show up early!

And for those of you who like your escapism to involve less gore/blood and more dancing
Details and DJ Blake Brandon are bringing the music to Back Alley Social tonight. Be sure to check it out! And then there's always the new standard for Tuesday nights.
And it looks like Kary Kadaver is up this week. Wild! Life! does like to bring in those awesome out of towners


Moth! Fight! are playing as part of the "late night" aspect of the Fuse Box Festival. I've been remiss in covering Fuse Box events, but there's such a wide variety of things going on, not all of which are so clearly associated with the festival, which itself is an extremely broad interdisciplinary showcase. It's ongoing until May 2, so I'm going to try to catch events when I can. For tomorrow, you need to know that the show is at the Art Authority for $5, doors at 7:30.
I honestly know next to nothing about this. I'm pretty sure it's their first Creekside show. Digging the unicorn horse thing though. I think triangular mountains are a new flier standard. Look out, robot heads and naked ladies

It's a monthly Learning Secrets party LANAI, and this time they're bringing cheap Red Stripes and $3/Sex on the Beach. That's an easy way to get your daily dose of fruit juice, sugar, and booze in one easy dose
If you're down for venturing a few blocks south to Copa, Grant C Dull, Whats Up Buenos Aires, Peligrosa allstars with Zizek, and Richard Henry will be doing their thing. I've heard really good stuff about these guys. They're really blowing up in Argentine, which is cool. I generally trust Argentina. More info about Whats up Buenos Aires and what it's all about (here)

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