Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey you, it's ART WEEK AUSTIN! Highlights here, full listing (hHeErReE)

Lots of art shows this time of year. The sunlight must make people want to look at things.Like this thing. Look at this thing. This looks interesting. Check out the artist's rather sparse site for more and then come out to the show
And KVRX wants dollars. More specifically, they kindly request 7 of yours in exchange for a show by Car Stereo (Wars) and some other local bands I have yet to become familiar with. We must investigate
Irresponsible Voltron is coming at you with a flier that looks like a Voltron. It doesn't look too irresponsible here, but that's OK. I don't really want to see Voltron driving drunk, forgetting to pick up its kids from daycare, or paying its gas bill 3 months late. Just like every Thursday, it's all going down at Barcelona

VEGA + PRINCE KLASSEN + DONESKI, wow. You're sure to find something you like in there. Hell, you might even like all of it. Fresh from exposing Crystal Castles as whiny narc babies, VEGA is celebrating the release of a new EP. For free! Do it! Simian's Friday pick. Period.
In case Booty Bar gets too crowded for you, there's this. Lot's of potential here. Still haven't made it out to Back Alley Social, but they seem to be getting their act together fast, no? Also free! And for those who prefer more rocking and less rolling, Mohawk has got your back.

Come eat cheap pizza, drink cheap beer, and watch people eat alot of pizza and drink alot of beer. That's right, it's a pizza eating contest. I think team registration is closed, but don't let that stop you. It's tasty pizza, too. The action happens 3-7 Chris Riley wants you to come eat free vegan ice cream from Nada Moo! That's theirs exclamation mark, not mine, but I'd put it there anyway. Alot of great bands here; bands that are not just great "local" bands, but great in general. If Cry Blood Apache was from New Zealand, they would still be cool. Yes, even New Zealand. They're just that good. DJing action in between sets provided courtesy of DJ MSCLVZ. He will be likely just have flown in from Berlin, but Rome is also a possibility. In other news, Chris Riley just got an endorsement from the Chronicle, but that shouldn't stop you from continuing your support and involvement. Actually voting is also important. Caring is also nice. If you haven't been paying attention to local politics, this is a good chance to start getting involved via eating, listening to music, and drinking. Perfect? Yes This looks great, too. On any other weekend, I'd be screaming at you to go to this. Track down the RSVP, if you want to dodge the cover Local art, music, and free beer are coming to the Blackerby Violin Shop. There's no real flier, so I'll just tell you it's from 6-12 at 1111 W. Anderson Ln. It's a good thing

I wasn't kidding about there being alot of art shows. UT's graduating design class is exhibiting for one night only, 6-9 at the Flatbed World Headquarters. Maybe I will meet someone to redesign my blog. Oh joy

The Austin Video Bee will be doing its thing 1-8 at the Art Authority. If you didn't sign up, it's too late now, but don't forget to check out the results at the premier, May 2nd. Count on hearing more about that
I don't remember what I wore to my 8th grade dance. I think we had a sock hop, actually. Could be fun.

This weekend looks like it's going to be a storm of niceness! Almost makes me wish I wasn't going to the coast. Almost. FYI My Bloody Valentine was great. I will spare you the awful pictures I took with my cell phone. If you get the chance to see them, do. And make sure and get close. And bring earplugs.


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