Monday, April 13, 2009

VEGA love tonight

You've got money, the time, and good sense, right? Then of course you're already planning on seeing VEGA tonight at La Zona Rosa. He's opening for Crystal Castles, so tickets will be gone any minute. I hear tell he'll be back in town on the 24th, too. Count on hearing more about that

"(The Original) Toolbox Murders" in RARE 35mm! Witness power tools used in unsafe ways! As in, for killing people! Screening starts at 10:30, but I'd be sure and show up early for this one. Alot of people ended up missing "NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE" last week, and wow, did they miss out. That film restored my faith in movies, people, watching things on screens in general, my own purpose for existing, John Stamos, and other important stuff I'd begun to question. And for all you people that think Tuesday is the new Friday, this showing is early enough that you can still hit the bars afterwards

Coverage is going to be skimpy this week, seeing as I am going to be horribly busy in my endeavors to graduate on time. To make up for it, I've got a few links for you



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