Thursday, April 16, 2009


Quick update before I head off to work. So tired, so spacey, so glad to be writing something that isn't 12 pages pages long and lacks a clearly stated thesis in the first paragraph. Mercy

What's with this rain on the weekends business? Let's hope the sky cuts us a break. If any sky gods owe you a favor, now's the time to call it in

Richard.Gear's weekly spot at Barcelona. That's the bar on 6th, not the city. Maybe someday, but not today.
Zee perennial noise makers known as the Hype Headz present MOM&DAD at Elysium tonight. Haven't heard too much M+D, but what I did sounded really interesting, un-average, and not at all what I was expecting
No, that's not just any guy in a pink tank top, it's so-and-so of the Pillow Queens! He and whats-his-face and that-guy-yeah-him are playing with Dikes of Holland, Over the Hill, and Alright Tonight @ Red 7. Monofonus Press will be giving out door prizes to the first 50 people to walk in the door, so get there early!

FRIDAY SEEMS SO FAR AWAY (but it's just tomorrow, after all)
DAN "MOTHERFUCKIN" DEACON @ EMO'S. This guy is kinda popular, so ya know, show up early if you don't have tickets already. His live setup seems pretty crazy this time around. From the pics I've seen, there's ALOT of live instrumentation. THAT'S CITIN' TO ME


Hey, it's world wide Record Store Day and BACKSPIN RECORDS is having real live DJs, a record sale, and what's this? FREE BEER? Can it be? Sweet. In case you've never been to this little prize of a wax shop, it's located on 4631 Airport, just down the street from some shitty video store, whose name escapes me right now. Go buy records before I get them all

More to come. I might even throw some MP3s at you, who knows. Stay sleep deprived, Austin