Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello Beautiful

I had a bunch of these guys' MP3s sitting unlabeled in my iTunes (PRODUCT PLUG) for like two years and had pretty much abandoned all hope of finding out who the hell it was. Then one magical day, I woke up to my room mates blasting a song I thought sounded awfully familiar, so now (with thanks to my good pals I live with), I bring you BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB:

These guys have been around in various manifestations for, well, about as long as anyone. There's been quite a bit of speculation that they're a new band masquerading as a classic band having a revival or are altogether fictitious. I doubt that. If you look at their live footage,

they're either spending alot of money on prosthetics to make themselves look like old French guys, or they are in reality old French guys.

Check out something they released under their older moniker, Black Devil

Black Devil - H Friend

And I've just got to mention that last year's release, "Eight Oh Eight," is pretty choice stuff. Their remixes are consistently grand pieces of music, as well. It seems that besides being madly talented, they've developed a healthey level of perspective (I know, right) and the good sense to take what they want from whatever dance fad is happening at the time *coughdistortioinbitcrushingsidechaincompressioncough* and leave the rest. Enjoy!

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