Friday, April 3, 2009


Some pretty fun things to do this weekend, mostly of the live punk(ish) music persuasion.
I'm be looking to expand event coverage in the future, so IF YOU WANT ME TO POST A FLYER, hit me up anytime: <<>>


A Benefit for Anna Ives with the Crack Pipes, Hex Dispensers, Strange Boys, Teeners, Stuffies, and Red River Coke Machine! Might want to show up early for this one. I will not be attending, because I work late tonight, but it sounds like a good way to spend your night.

For fans of things loud, fast, and dirty: Broken Neck presents a NIGHT OF GRIND.

don't forget to come support the Austin Yellow Bike Project, sponored by one Austin's superior bike shops, Clown Dog Bikes

For fans of things that glow: Saturday Night at The Beauty Bar. Car Stereo (Wars). Zlam Dunk. Neiliyo. Free Glow Sticks for all. Free Glow in the Dark Photos for All.

Ain't that poster just a chunk of feel good? BLACK PANDA, GET TO DA CHOPPA!!, SCOURGE OF THE MILLIPEDE playing for someone's birthday. The last birthday party I heard about at BEERLAND, someone got naked. No promises, though.

Wrestlemania is also this Sunday, just sayin'. Mickey Rourke will not be appearing. Single tear. More about that next week.

I'd like to take a moment to remind anyone going downtown this weekend that Texas Relay is in town, so be prepared to deal with the extra crowds. Additionally, some downtown businesses will be closing early or not opening at all. Hooray for being scared of black people, Austin. A bland Statesman article, behind the link. Anyway, in past years, this mainly affects the main drag of 6th street itself, but you might have to go on an adventure to find parking, so's be prepared


  1. two years ago during TX relays, we were drinking at a bar and the ruff ryders came in...I barked at them until the dj played "ruff ryders anthem", when they saw that I knew more words to it than them... we all experienced some drunken unity.