Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey guys, it's an events post. Remember those? Things to do in NYC tonight are go:

If I have to explain to you why this will be fun, then I probably have to explain what fun is, too. I'm not up for that, so trust me. RSVP is closed, but $15 for a party like this is no hustle.

The always awesome Mr. Saturday Night (almost) always costs $20, or $15 if you had the good sense to RSVP, which you should make a habit of doing for this weekly. And tonight only that gets you your two esteemed host DJs, plus Larry Heard, an original godfather of Chicago house. Open beer bar 10-11, too. I'm poor this week, can you tell? Anyway, I don't talk about this weekly enough, but that's only because it's too good. Makes me feel small and weak.

Kiss Brooklyn, Ironsides, Free Magic, and Whitney Fierce are asserting that, despite all evidence to the contrary, Brooklyn Can Dance. To drive the point home, the even named their event that. Love it when people stand behind their convictions. A bunch of talented DJs being intentionally eclectic is bound to be a good time, so check it out.

And on a sad note, the last Cave party is happening tonight. This venue has played host to any number of upcoming acts of every variety over the past few years and will be sorely missed by all. Rest in peace, dear basement loft venue.

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