Thursday, March 4, 2010


After alot of thinking, soul searching, and a pilgrimage to a far away site that is most holy to my people (K! Pizzacone in Midtown, but more on that another time), I have decided to forego the cynicism that seems to be fashionable when it comes to writing about MtyMx. In fact, I'm going to pull in the other direction and give you a list of reason MtyMx is going to be awesome. But first, the poster:

Isn't she lovely? Aaand reasons are go
  1. Look at that lineup. Actually, click on the poster and then look at that lineup. See anything you like? I bet you do. IT IS AMAZING. You'll notice that no two bands start at the same time, meaning you can actually see everyone play. A music festival where you can actually see every band play. Wow, where does that happen? Definitely not at SXSW. Details, bios, and write ups of some the bands are available (here)
  2. You'll notice quite a few of those bands are from Mexico. This is a great chance to get acquainted with the awesome music people are making in scenes I'm pretty confident you aren't familiar with (read: Mexico). None of it is to be dismissed. Click around on a few of their Myspaces and you'll see what I mean.
  3. Uh, Grant Hart from Hüsker Dü is playing?? What?? Oh yeah, Dan Deacon, Thee Oh Sees, Liars, Salem, No Age, Washed Out, Fucked Up, and Andrew WK are there, too. Can you tell I'm excited about the music?
  4. The thing is about as grassroots as it gets. No titanic corporate sponsorship or any of that. Curated by Todd P and Yo Garage, this festival is %100 about music. Think of it as a cultural course correction away from everything that's made SXSW and CMJ cliches unto themselves.
  5. It is in Monterrey, a beautiful, stable, and vibrant city ringed by mountains. It is absolutely gorgeous. When I was younger, every other year I'd skip out on SXSW and spend a week down there. And that wasn't even when there was a huge, groundbreaking music and arts festival happening. Why? Even in its normal day to day existence, Monterrey is arguably the most important cultural center in Northern Mexico. I'd say that there's nothing that compares northwards, until you get to around, oh say, Austin, TX. Sorry Brownsville and San Antonio, but I dare you to prove me wrong.
  6. It's happening at a former drive in movie theater on the side of a mountain, guys! They throw alot of raves and stuff there, so you might even find some rained on fun pills stuck wedged into the asphalt.
  7. Food supplied by taco trucks! And they will be selling actual Mexican food, not Tex Mex or whatever this stuff is that Yankees call Mexican food.
  8. You can camp on site or stay at a hotel.
  9. It is bound to be an adventure. You shouldn't miss it.
And now that I've thoroughly convinced you that this event is totally worth sacrificing three days of your life in the name of having an amazing time and possibly getting a tan, (here is where you buy a $30, 3-day pass), (here is how you can get there), and (here are some places you can stay). See you down there!

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