Monday, March 8, 2010


A monthly party that stands up to NYC parties in all the ways that count. $5 cover and people dressed up for a funeral, but dancing like its their birthday. Fun stuff

"Hosted" (code for "open") bar from 9-10 and Gaslamp Killer, a headliner that will have to pull out all the stops if he doesn't want to be outshone by his "local support," Butcher Bear, Richard Henry, and Grommit. Dislike the term local support. Calls to mind counter terrorism and archaic underwear, neither of which benefit from being put in context with the other. Cost? Well you can always ask at the door and then walk across I-35 to the Sock Hop

(Photo via Bill Oriani)

Um, Church?

I just have to point out how insane this lineup is. Space themed surf rock, glitchy indielectro, sloshy rock, and a dance party headlined by Flosstradamus? It's like a stoner mixtape come to life

More to come + house shows I can only talk about on Twitter, so stay tuned.

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