Thursday, March 11, 2010


Another great lineup at Cheer Up Charlie's. Associated details and links to myspaces (hurrr). Alot of these bands are Brooklyn favs of mine, but I'm especially excited for Austin, TX to meet Light Asylum and Coasting. I'm sure they'll be the best of friends. This show is also preceded by the Yo Garage party, so show up early to be blown away by some truly badass Mexican bands

Agh, showcases this good make it hard to know where to be. Any tips on how I can clone myself to be at this and the above show at the same time will earn you a bar of chocolate. What else do you need to know? There's free Red Stripe from 7-9 and you need to RSVP, so get on that

If you have really excellent eyesight, then you already know that this 4 day party is quite the deal. It's essentially a Hypemachine playlist performed live, without the Otis Redding or Prince that randomly pops up every now and then, sadly. The day to day lineup is still shifting, so check (here) for updates. That's also where you RSVP, so do that. Destined to be a memorable party

Holy 17 year old me, Joan of Arc is playing a show! Exciting! (Details!)

All day/night show at Baby Blue (1522 E 12th), featuring Brazos, Sunset, Cowabunga Babes, Bad Credit No Credit, and everyone else listed (here). Free beer until 7 PM and BYOB or cheap beer after that. The event is called Spuds by Spuds Mackenzie, hence the picture of Spuds Mackenzie, dog, opera enthusiast, and truly a star of his generation. RIP

And by the way, here's what you're doing after hours: High Society is hooking you up with a free booze dance party at Music Gym (815 E 6th). Sammy Bananas, Disco Villains, Cousin Cole, Willy Joy, Oh Snap!! (live set? guess so), Electric Method, Hoodie Allen, Hot Britches!, Blake Brandon, eLstar, and Sebastian Nebula will be on hand into the wee hours to guarantee you are able to exercise your god given right to dance yourself into a stupor. Forever and ever amen

Awesome bands for you to see. And face painting? Cool. Lineup presented in all caps (hHeErReE)

Some of Austin's best homegrown DJs are playing host to visiting comrades in the spirit of dancing while the sun is still above the horizon, something too often restricted to listening to Ata Kak in your apartment by yourself. That is probably just me. Location details are (here)

Free day show with pretty cool bands and BBQ at one of my favorite Austin bars. I review bars for a living, so sometimes I know what I'm talking about in that regard. Sometimes. Also includes the other wonders you see described in above poster

The good people at Monofonous Press are being all selfless and throwing a benefit for the SIMS foundation. Indie rock is tryin to save the world again, bless its little heart. A good day show option. Details (here)

In a perfect world, this party would not require you to wake up before noon to go stand in line in order to guarantee you get in, but that seems to be how its shaping up. Free beer noon to 2. If you're going to MtyMx like you should be, you'd be guaranteed to see a good chunk of these bands. And you'd be in Mexico. Just sayin. Anyway, details are (here)

The Austinist presents White Denim, Besnard Lakes, Washed Out, Small Black, Royal Bangs, Toro y Moi, Phantogram, Warpaint, Julianna Barwick, Yukon Blonde, Body Language, First Aid Kit, Anni Rossi, MyNameisJohnMichael, All Get Out, and Dan Black for $0 and no RSVP. Show starts bright and early at 11 AM. Oh day shows, you so silly. Full Austinist style writeup (here). Once again, MtyMx has a bunch of these bands


  1. Hey dudes, that light lodge show VENUE GOT CHANGED! the thursday day show is now at OK MT
    an art gallery on the east side. THE SECOND DAY has yet to be determined. sorry!