Friday, March 12, 2010


Let the hit parade continue. If you haven't been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options yet, you best prepare yourself. Follow a pace that fits how your feeling

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This day of the showcase will now be at Okay Mountain. An amazing lineup that's perfect for a lovely spring day. I mean, that's assuming you're big on looming, echoey vibes on lovely spring days. I am. It's a nice contrast. All my residual gothness aside, look forward to Pure Ecstasy, Silver Pines, Pocahaunted, Headdress, Young Prisms, White Rainbow, and more! A whole other mess of greatness on tap for Friday. You can get full details on both days (here). Highly recommended

No, Grace Jones will not be performing at Baby Blue, but perhaps all the really cool bands, tasteful DJs, and visual projection wizards contributing to this event can together measure up to how insane it would be if she were. They surely will in their own way. Highlights: Ratas del Vaticano, Mutating Meltdown, The Carrots, Neon Blud, White Boss, and ok, they're all pretty great. Full lineup and times (here). $5 for an all day/on into the night show like this ain't bad at all

I am unfamiliar with the breed of cat pictured above. A great chance to experience one of the most hallowed SXSW traditions: the backyard vegan snacks and beer daytime showcase. A rather diverse lineup, too. Cute video flyer (here) and full details (here)

To jump off the DIY or die track for a moment, the Austin's own font of crass and sass known as The Glitoris is masterminding a day show/Baby Monster single release party/Bigstereo label launch party that you won't want to miss. Get yourself RSVP'd to the nines (here) for free entry

If you're looking to escape from the downtown tangle for a spell, I'd suggest you attack this show for free burgers, free vodka, dirt cheap drinks, and maybe a game of pool or something. The bands are no slouches either. Go team Cassingles! Schedule and directions (aqui)

Our folk inclined friends from The Eastern Sea are playing a show at Monkeywrench Books and a few other places this week. Check them out

Fairly self-explanatory. Steed Lord!

It's an art show that's a music show. Remember those? Opening and usual accompanying treats at Okay Mountain. Bands will be playing inside the installation. Thursday brings Speculator, Prince rama of ayodhy, Sleep Over, Pure Ecstasy, Silver Pines, M. Geddes Gengras, Pocahaunted, Sun Araw, Headdress, Young Prisms, and Silent Diane, too. Good smelling stuff. Like baked goods. The shows continue Sunday. Details (here)

Word. Confuse. Order. Me. Toro Y Moi, Warpaint, Bachelorette, The Golden Filter, Free Energy, Memory Tapes, and Washed Out are playing a day show in the back lot of an Urban Outfitters, affording you a chance to see all these fun, popular bands in a smaller venue and/or get arrested for shoplifting purple flannel. Schedule for Thursday and other days (here)

A BYOB show at Rancho Relaxo! From what I understand, there aren't shows at Rancho as much as there used to be, but I get the feeling this one is going to be huge and packed out. Ok, I know it's going to be huge and packed out, because Rancho shows during SXSW are always insanely successful. 2 stages cramming in alot of good bands, whose myspace links and show times are behind this (link). Oh Facebook, how the people love you

Look everyone, an event to go to at night! Sponsored by the local college radio station, listen to what the kids are listening to with the kids. If you need crowd reaction interviews, do that here. Lineup is not set in stone, but includes Aa, Teenage Cool Kids, Hatred Surge, Endless Blockade, DD/MM/YYYY, and Ty Segall. It's at the former Obama campaign headquarters, so if you are especially psychic, you might see the ghost of our national optimism. Anything else you need to know is (here). No, I'm not tired of saying that, thank you very much

Another good lineup at Cheer Up Charlie's, formerly Ms. Bea's. If you want to see that poster change colors a bunch, click (here)

Ah Spiderhouse, haunt of my youth. This coffee bar turned bar... bar is hosting a 3 stage day show extravaganza, featuring Thee Oh Sees, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Golden Triangle, and many more. (Click for details)

That DMT elf can only mean one thing: Broken Water, Moment Trigger, Eternal Tapestry, Weird Weeds, Total Abuse, Zs, Abe Vigoda, John Bellows, Infinite Body, and Earn are playing at Domy Books 12-6pm for $0

This poster doth much confuse my tired eyes. Where are the cute hand drawn things? I thought everyone agreed that's what we were doing for poster art this year. Someone doesn't check their email enough. My obvious reason for posting this: ANAMANAGUCHI's 8-bit madness. Details (here)

Reason: NINJASONIK, because they are sonic ninjas and good bartenders and awesome live

A lineup that includes everyone except Elvis, but has no clear schedule attached to it per se. If you see anything you like, RSVP away. Definitely one of the multi-day events with the most buzz. Free booze? There will even be carnival rides if you feel like waiting in extra lines. Sorry, I dread lines so much. They are a great historical enemy of my people. Follow @carniville on Twitter for up to date details

There is also the continuation of (this). Free breakfast tacos from noon-1. Not many other scheduling details. People are all about the breakfast tacos this year

Details in non pink and white format (here)

Look at the lineup. Plan to arrive early to claim your patch of grass

In case you don't get into that party that rhymes with Mader Mort, this is close by. Be warned, people love their GZA. Details behind this (link).

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