Sunday, March 7, 2010


And so begins ZINENBLOGEN's suggestions for SXSW-esque activities. I am calling them HIT LISTs, because they have to be called something, it is fairly self explanatory, and suggestions is one of my least favorite words ever. Suggestions. Say it. It's real bad. Also, I will take any opportunity to put something in all caps. That's Internet yelling? Well you should never be scared to yell at the Internet. It may cry, but trust me, any strong relationship is worth a few tears. That went places I didn't expect.

I've also devised a section called LONGSHOTS for these posts. They are mostly events that A. are excessively hard to get into B. cost alot of money C. lack cultural significance (JUST KIDDING) or D. are otherwise dubious, but still sound like they could be pretty cool. I will present facts and you can make up your own mind. I'm excited, so let's get into it.


The entity dedicated to mining Facebook for snicker worthy material known as Lamebook is having a belated launch party at Shangri-La. It costs $2 and gets you free beer and BBQ 'til there ain't no more. There's also an Infamous Austin photo booth, a bunch of Austin
type bands, and most importantly a dance floor run by High Society DJs and pals. Unclear as to what RSVPing gets you, but do you can do that and see the full lineup (here). From 6 PM and goes until 3 AM (what's up, clock change), so sounds like a good place to start and maybe end your night. Come see how the locals like to party.

AMODA (Austin Museum of Digital Art) is having their digital showcase at Club DeVille. In addition to the infamous laptop battle, there will also be live or sort of live musical performances, plenty of interactive pieces, and projection art galore. $8 to fill your life with loud noises and shiny lights isn't too bad. Doors at 9 and any other details you'd ever want to know are (here). Go team Deejay Yayay and Dubbel Dutch!


The RVIP Lounge is making a stop at 10pm The Scoot Inn (1308 4th St, Austin) to take about 20 lucky people onboard for a mobile karaoke party. As of now, over 1,500 people have RSVP'd to their their SXSW week invites on Facebook, so who knows how that's going to work out. Conservatively: riots. People go to great lengths for karaoke.

Gawker and io9 are having a party with Stormtroopers, grown men swordfighting (a little LARPING, perhaps?), an MC I am not familiar with, and undetermined free booze. If you are going, you have to RSVP on Facebook. Pity the door persons for this event. Fun poster though. Wish Blogspot would let me put it on here.


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