Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You've had your few days of SXSW to eat tacos, learn the geography enough to get really lost later, and pretend your hangover was jetlag, now get ready for the good stuff

The time has come when the moon's gravity is strongest and the black goat is upon the hillside, signaling to the legions of the Awthum Empire to awaken and gather themselves at the appointed place, 501 Brushy. That's right AWTHUMFETH V is back to fill your life with brain changing music, performances, and art. I look forward to this day party (or "experimentaloidic pre post apocalypse music/performing/art celebration fest") every year, but this lineup has me filled with joyous anticipation. Think TENSE, Psychic Violence, Darktown Strutters, Computer Jesus Refrigerator, Best Fwends, Criminal Tower, How I Quit Crack, S U R V I V E, Trash Stache, and a slew of other talented performers I. PLUS IT'S FREE. PLUS IT'S GONNA BE GREAT. ++++ PROJECTIONS, DJs, and special guest appearances. %1100 guaranteed to not be like anything else you see the whole week. Full lineup and showtimes (here). And there's even this associated mixtape you can download. If you can open .rar files, it's pretty good

Despite rumors to the contrary, Todd P and co are returning to the corner of 6th and Waller (Cheer Up Charlie's) with 5 full days of music. Tuesday's lineup is curated by Veronica of M'Lady's Records and sports an Austin heavy lineup: Ringo Deathstarr, Silent Diane, Pataphysics, Hatchet Wound, Soft Healer, Cowabunga Babes, Cry Blood Apache, Psychic Violence (again), VC Childcraft, How I Quit Crack (again), No Mas Bodas, Numerators, and Tow the Line. Lots of overlap with AWTHUMFETHT. They should carpool. The whole thing starts at 6:30. As per standard, there are going to be shows here all week. Check out Todd P's site for a full schedule. Just scroll down 'til you find it. Cross your fingers Cheer Up Charlie's is whipping up some of those jalapeno margaritas that I vaguely recall enjoying tremendously. Onwards

If you can't wait another day for an absolutely vicious dance party, you are in luck. Hype Machine's Lose Control 2 party is getting things started a little early. Yet another show that's stuffed to the brim with the best Austin has to offer and ya know, little known acts like Database and French Horn Rebellion. Any other necessary details are (here). I have so much personal love for this lineup. Warms my heart to see this happening

Big party with an open bar from 8-9. Nitty gritty (here)

Domy Books is begins a multi-day event with a screening of Rusty Kelly's Thurible and Ben Aqua and Ryan Beltran's The The The. As you can see from the poster, Domy has alot going on this week. Full schedule (here). That Thursday lineup looks pretty great


  1. AWWWWesome Post!

    FYI CHeer Up Charlies is now at the former
    Ms Beas-- where Todd P events were in the past.

    So for Todd P lovers, this year is in the *same spot* as last year's:: it's just called a different name.

    104 East 6th St (E 6th & Medina St). Yes right down the street from 501 where awthumfetht willbe2.