Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't know whether it's the heat or the death of two of the 70s/80s most iconic peoples, but dang, the summer blues do come on strong. Luckily, there's a cure, AKA alot to do

Rancho Relaxo is celebrating the way the heat makes us all feel by throwing a zombie party! Lineup includes Peter Panic, Magic Jewels, WYLDPRTY, and Drum Cats. It's BYOB, free, and starts earlier than later: things we've come to love about the ol' Ranch

Come celebrate the release of Lagomorph's first EP tonight at Headhunters! $5 not only gets you in, it gets you a copy of said EP! That's a deal any way you spin it. On top of that, XathaX, Vinhomudeh, and Horse Crippler are bringing their own brands of strangely named madness to the stage. Come for the EP, stay for Zane's badass new mustache. Seems like just yesterday Lagomorph were having their first club show. Kids these days

Last Car Stereo Wars show? Really? Moving to New York? Who would do such a thing. Well, good for Chris Rose. Should be alot of fun. Catch all the mash-up madness one last time at the Beauty Bar

If, unlike me, you did not totally forgot to RSVP to this, you should go. Seems like a safe bet. Red Stripe always tastes better when it's free. Voted the event most likely to feature some drunk guy saying, "Hooray beer!" in an unidentifiable accent that could be Scottish? Cajun? Jamaican?

David Israel is a nice guy. I can't stop staring at this poster for some reason

I thoroughly enjoy the concept of STABBA (punk covers of ABBA), but have never caught them live. If you're similarly curious, this might be a good chance to find out for yourself. BANG and DJ Team Fabrication will be playing, too. I hear this is inside. Sometimes places that are inside have air conditioning. I'm pretty sure the Mohawk is one of those places

If you're following this blog, why not do so publicly? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everyone who reads this blog, but we're what, 60 posts in? Make our love known. It's good for you and it's good for me. Also, any feedback you'd like to share. How can this blog work for you?


  1. If you miss our asses tonight, Lagomorph will actually be playing with STABBA on Wednesday at Burrland