Tuesday, June 2, 2009


BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW, one of the most entertaining live acts I've seen in awhile, is playing at the Mohawk tonight! Video projections, a live drummer, and vocoding galore: how can you go wrong? Last time I caught their show, even my friends that protest this band's recorded music with all their cold black hearts immensely enjoyed their live set. Music starts around 8. Silver Pines are playing the late show at 11, too. Yet another good night for the ol' Mohawk

And look! It's one of the 3 (?) Troma movies that doesn't send me into a blind rage! Tonight at 10:30! Terror Tuesday! $1. Out of exclamation points

In other news, DJ Blake Brandon has a new weekly spot at Club Mixx. It happens every day of the week that starts with W. Poster and more details forthcoming. This week, he has a super special secret guest you'll never believe. Ok, it's me. Do it.

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