Monday, June 29, 2009


My airport card is no longer on the fritz. Welcome back, internets! At first glance, this week may seem a bit slow, but you know that just ain't true. Here are some ideas

Don't think I need help with the whole sweating thing right now, but I appreciate the thought. Also, rock n' roll karaoke at Beerland! Get your rock on

Terror Tuesday proudly presents the only movie that Stephen King was ever allowed to direct. Ever. Come watch Emilio Estevez take on hordes of inexplicably evil machines lead (?) by an 18-wheeler with a goblin face. It's 100% Michael Bay free evil machine action for Summer '09. Not convinced?


This week's guest DJ is Mubali, so you know there's gonna be more dubstep than you can shake your ass at. 18+ and $2 drinks, as per always

Black Panda is headlining at Emo's! That's very cool and easily some of the best punk music to be had in our fair city

And if you're heading down to 1st Thursday, be sure and check this out


Um, Designer Drugs and Transistor Tramps are playing at Headhunters. Poster: forthcoming. Venue choice: confusing. This show: real?


Celebrate your country by consuming cylindrical chunks of protein. Wow, let me try that again. Come celebrate your right to assemble by eating some veggie dogs with a few hundred of your closest friends! If veggie dogs aren't your thing, there's free NadaMoo. Soundtrack provided by Hollywood Gossip and the Black. Yay for eating contests, yay for community, and yay for le US of A.

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