Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm going to be hanging out in Brooklyn for the next few weeks! During that time, this blog will be a bit different than what you've come to expect. The there will be more: random anecdotes, documentation of yankee-isms, some photos, and maybe some more diva profiles, if it rains alot. There will be fewer: suggestions about shows and general things to do. That being said, my link list has many excellent resources for the finding of things to do in Austin. Some of them even manage to promote bands they don't know personally without somehow being vaguely insulting. Someday, I too will master that art. It's on my to-do list right below cutting Nike swooshes into my beard

If you are aware of anything i should see or do in the NYC area, or perhaps even someone I should do some work for, please let me know. I am going into this a bit more blindly than I would like, but from what I hear, the East Coast is something like this:
I feel that expectation is reasonable. Should be fun. Happy birthday (in advance) to Owened, Abigail, Andy Man, and Brion! And do not not not forget to go to DJ Blake Brandon's weekly set tomorrow
It should make an excellent post/pre Golden Filter stop, too. Please water my pepper plants and be kind to each other while I am gone. Much love,