Thursday, June 4, 2009


Thanks to everyone who made it out to STEREO GALLERY at Club Mixx last night. Good times. Love was in the air, I'm tellin you. It's happening every Wednesday, so come get some

Sweet! Get your live music fix with two of Austin's most talked about bands. The keywords here are dark, ambient, catchy, and cute. It'll make sense when you see them play. Seems like just yesterday White White Lights were playing their first show. Was it a year ago now? Hooray for you guys!

As the end of the 00s approaches, we are forced to, as a people, come to terms with our heritage and what it means to live in these uncertain times. Er, something. No soul searching required, just dancing. Perfect

Once a month, all the Anglophiles emerge from their caves full of Smiths posters to come celebrate the music of that tiny island to which we owe so much. Oh Britania, the ocean shines for thee

A space wolf shooting plasma from its mouth: let me count the ways this poster is amazing. The party doesn't disappoint either, so if you're in the mood to dance to things not English and/or 10 years old, this is where you ought to be! Peen Scene is gonna be hanging out, so come get your picture took

And thanks to Jason and co. for reminding me about this. I know nothing about the Helio Sequence's live show, but if you're a fan, I'm sure it's worth checking out. With so many cheap and free shows, do some club hopping and check out all your options!

On a personal note, I'm headed to Brooklyn next week to see the sights/some old friends and generally check things out. My schedule is pretty open, so if there's anything in particular I should see or do, or if you'll be in town, let me know!

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