Monday, May 4, 2009


I have deceived you. Most of this post is not about the 5th of May

That's right! Everyone's favorite tale of teenage rebellion, angst, love, music, er well everything is playing tonight! at 10! at the Alamo Ritz! And Ron Howard's brother will be there live, in person!
If you've ever seen this film before, you know how cool it is that Clint Howard is here, and how that deserved me cutting down an entire forest of exclamation marks to build the last paragraph. I ask you, how can anyone resist the charm of a Howard? I mean, his brother may not be the best director in the world and it's still weird that his neice got naked in that Lars Von Trier movie, but look here, sonny, Clint Howard is one of THE most famous living character actors for a reason. He even played a weird alien god baby in the original Star Trek. "Totes legit," as the youths say. In case you can't get in tonight, you can catch him tomorrow at a very special Terror Tuesday presentation of "EVILSPEAK"
I was hoping they'd spring for a copy of "Ice Cream Man," but I guess their choice is technically a better movie. And it features the devil. Inside a computer. Can't go wrong there.

Weird Wednesday is good this week too, even though it doesn't have Clint Howard.
The fact I'm plugging Weird Wednesday should let you know how much I love this movie. Lee Marvin is like five angry bad asses packed into a fine suit. Gene Hackman is some crazy hillbilly mob boss with a legion of corn fed, children of the corn type hooligans. And Sissy Spacek is frightened and naked. Weird Wednesday is, as always, sponsored by your favorite local corporation, Austin Java Co.

As for actual Cinco de Mayo Activities, this block party looks like a good bet. Personally, I will be celebrating the expulsion of the French from North America by studying like crazy. I may stop by Las Cazuelas for some chile relleno and a quick michelada, but just one


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