Wednesday, May 6, 2009


If, unlike me, you're not too busy to lead a normal life right now, you should head over to Submerged (333 E 2nd St, right next to where the Purevolume's SXSW "house" was) and catch DJ Booty Gator tonight. Get your drinkin on for cheap with $2 Tecate and $3 shots/wells!

Big props to Kyle for playing a bar that has a color changing waterfall. There's no flier, so I will just post the first Google Image Search result for "booty gator":
That worked out much better than it could have. I feel we all got off easy. Celebrate by going to Submerged tonight

Earlier in the evening, Darrin Martin is presenting a series of solo and collaborative short films. From what I've been able to figure, they are of the experimental bent. Here's a screen capture:
Intriguing. The event is hosted by Austin Studios (1901 E. 51st Street) and the screening begins at 7 in the PM. For more info, (visit)

Ooh, like the poster. It is national purple poster week, apparently. Keep reading, you'll see what I mean

In case you're not up to speed on your completely unidentifiable DJs, it's Boston's own HOT PINK DELOREAN! Sweet! Witness the magic as they pair up with local noise meister King Louie this Thursday and Beauty Bar. Should be a rockin' good time. And oh yeah, it's FREE

What? Only one Wild!Life! party that night? Just one? Really? Those boys must be slipping. I kid I kid. As always, Rich.Gear and Joshua Distance and their really cool special guests will be bringing the heat to Barcelona this Thursday night. This week they have GRRRL PARTS and FREDster. Kind of a weird combo, but that can turn out really well sometimes. Like jalapeno limeade. No kidding, try it sometime

Bird's Barbershop is celebrating the opening of their new S. Congress location with a 3D explosion, featuring performances by Neiliyo and Astronautilus. They're taking the theme seriously, with a 3D photo booth (?) by Annie Ray and 3D video art projections all over the store. Free drinks will be on hand to help ease any 3D glasses related headaches. Check it out from 9-12! And I want to say 3D a few more times: 3D 3D 3D, k I'm good

And the Hype Headz want you to come celebrate the end of classes with real live bands and real live DJs and real tasty booze. That's all happening at the Art Authority, so you can be sure all the people under 21 you know will be there dancing like only those kids can

More to come, as spare time slowly begins to creep back into my life


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