Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hello, Sunday. Hello, sulfite headache. Hello, coffee. What else do you have in store?

If you don't know anything about the SIMS foundation, it's time to educate yourself. They do good things. I don't know much about this t-shirt company or the place its happening, but it seems like a good time. An adventure perhaps?

High Society are hosting their infamous 8th Grade Dance tonight at Beauty Bar, too. Awful fluffy skirts and poorly tied ties a must

And the ever awesome culture proliferating machine known only as Church of the Friendly Ghost is having short film night tonight! Wee! Films of short length! Hooray! It's happening at the always air conditioned Salvage Vanguard Theater tonight at 8

In other news, I saw Drag Me to Hell yesterday. Wow. Just wow. If you even remotely like scary movies, this is the one you have been waiting for. Not exactly good PR for gypsies, but whattayagonnado? Also happy birthday to Ms Krista, Chel-k-mon, and Jen. May your days be merry and bright

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